Gene Headshot EditedHello! I’m Gene Bromberg (obviously) and I’ve been a marketing communications writer for the last ten years or so. For five of those years I was the blogger for one of the world’s largest online gaming sites — I covered huge events like the World Series of Poker and the Aruba Poker Classic (providing both written content as well as photos and video), and I also wrote most of the site’s promotional and marketing copy.

I made the logical transition from online gaming to healthcare (or it seemed logical to me!) and wrote articles and promotional materials for UPMC’s Center for Inclusion, which promotes dignity and respect in the workplace and cultural competency in patient and family care. I moved over to Highmark, where I helped launch their Twitter presence and wrote content for their other social media channels as well. I also helped to develop the marketing campaign promoting Highmark’s status as an Official Supplier for the U.S. Olympic team.

I then moved to McKesson, where I wrote copy for executive communications, researched and published articles for the company newsletter, developed content for presentations and webinars, and worked with colleagues throughout the company to promote their initiatives.

I’ve been fortunate to write about amazing people and events, and here are some examples of my work:

My work for the Center for Inclusion

Explaining to your doctor what’s wrong with you isn’t always easy. But what if you don’t speak the local language, and there’s no one in the office who speaks your language?

The Aging Institute at UPMC helps people deal with the one medical condition that all people deal with as they grow older — aging itself.

Four clinicians from Palermo, Italy, none of whom spoke fluent English, arrived in Pittsburgh to learn how to use the cutting-edge TrueBeam radiotherapy system.

Patients who have reached the end-of-life stage are most in need of culturally competent care — and so are their families.

Ancient Asian medical techniques, some thousands of years old, are still used in hospitals today.

Though huge strides have been made over the years, LGBT patients still sometimes encounter discrimination when seeking health care.

Peer Support can provide invaluable help for people who are suffering from mental health issues.

Peer Specialists have a very close connection with those they’re trying to help — they are themselves in recovery for a mental health issue.

Project SEARCH is a program that introduces high-school students with developmental disabilities to job training, career exploration, and life coaching.

I also wrote copy for the Center for Inclusion’s 2012 Annual Report, which details the amazing work they do in our communities.

My work for Highmark

This is a post that appeared on the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s blog about Highmark’s relationship with the U.S. Olympic team.

And here is the Highmark TeamUSA page that I wrote the copy for and helped develop.

My work for McKesson

A team was tasked with developing a BHAG to explain the ultimate goal of a new company-wide project. Which begged the question, What is a BHAG?

As the company transitioned its focus from products to services it made sense to explain What is a Service.

As two senior leaders retired from the company, they each took time to look back at their careers with McKesson.

My work in online gaming

In 2009 the World Series of Poker became a victim of it’s own success, as players were turned away for the first time in history. And no one was happy about it.

The Ante Up for Africa event brought celebrities from the worlds of sports, entertainment and poker together to raise money for the people of Darfur.

Those who opposed legal and regulated online poker were not shy about outright lying about academic studies that showed underage gambling was not a nationwide epidemic.

Everyone knows that luck plays a role in poker, but it can be difficult acknowledging what role it plays in your own success and failure.

Phil Hellmuth was known for making outrageous entrances to the World Series of Poker Main Event, and none was more garish or over the top than the one in 2009.

Women’s boxing became an Olympic sport at the London Games, but a few years earlier Liv Boeree and Melissa Castello showed they were serious about the sport during a spirited bout in Las Vegas.

Playing poker is a sedentary exercise, and here are some tips to cut down on the toll all that sitting around can take on you.

You might think that robbing a casino, with all those high-denomination chips lying around, might be worth the risk. You would be wrong.

My photos

When I started covering events I noticed that the competition usually employed professional photographers. Since that wasn’t really an option for my company I bought a Canon Rebel, Adobe Lightroom, and a few (dozen) photography books, and a lovely new obsession was born. Here are a few of my favorite shots from over the years.

I took this pic right before the opening bell of the boxing match I mentioned above. A moment of unease before the battle is joined.








Phil Ivey is generally considered the best poker player in the world. This shot I think gives some idea of what it’s like to sit across from the apex predator in his natural habitat.








Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian will win this staring contest.








A somewhat jaundiced photo of the oft-irritated Phil Hellmuth.