About Gene Bromberg

gene headshotGENE BROMBERG is a writer from Pittsburgh. Despite his demonstrable lack of aptitude for the game he found himself writing about poker for fun and, a bit later, professionally. He was the blogger for UB.com and a copywriter for Absolute Poker. He’s also written for PokerNews, Bluff Magazine, CardPlayer, and WorldSeriesOfPoker.com. And for nearly four years he blogged under the barely-pseudonymous name “Mean Gene”.

He received his bachelor’s degree in English from the Penn State and his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. There are days when he still can’t believe he actually made it through B-school. This is probably one of those days.

Gene enjoys playing volleyball almost as much as he enjoys going out for beers afterward. He spends much of his day mediating disputes between a chocolate Lab named Morgan and two cats named Ernie and Bert. And he recently discovered that he enjoys referring to himself in the third person.