Twin Peaks, Then and Now

Monday, June 8th, 2020, 1:11 pm

Once upon a time I was a blogger and I blogged here on this blog and people read my blog. Once upon a time. A time long past.

Just haven’t had much to say, or, if I do feel the need to whine or complain I take it to Twitter, where it can be served up in tiny, bitter, bite-sized chunks and quickly forgotten. But I miss writing for fun, for myself, and for the handful of folks who might enjoy reading my nonsense. I didn’t want to write about Reese and being a new dad, because every parent writes about their kids and parenting and how it’s so hard and rewarding and blah blah blah. It is hard, and rewarding. And unlike every other parent out there battling their delusions, OUR kid is actually The Greatest Little Girl in the World. I mean, just look at her:

Reese's 2nd Birthday-47











I just don’t feel the need to brag about it how awesome she is and what great parents Lindsay and I are. It’s unseemly.

What to write about then? What could inspire me to dust off the ‘ol WordPress dashboard and set me to clattering the keys? I thought nothing could. I’ve tried, and failed, to get back in the blogging swing of things. I thought those days had come and gone.

And then, like the rest of the world, I learned that David Lynch and Mark Frost are bringing Twin Peaks back. And if I couldn’t rouse myself to write about my favorite television show of all time, a show that haunts me, haunts me, to this day, then I should hang up my keyboard and start keeping bees for a living.

Over the course of the next few weeks, or perhaps months, I will be writing a post about each episode of Twin Peaks. What I remember thinking when I saw each one for the first time a quarter-century ago, what strikes me about them now, and how my thoughts and opinions have changed over these many, many years. There weren’t blogs when Twin Peaks first aired, no Twitter or Facebook. If there had I would’ve been among the frantic millions parsing hidden meanings and attempting to decipher clues and speculating on who, in fact, killed Laura Palmer. Social media didn’t exist back then, but it does now, and with Lynch and Frost rebooting the show Twin Peaks is once again a mystery. This story no longer has an ending, and we have to wait until 2016 to see how the creators of this world



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