One Week In

Friday, July 9th, 2010, 2:27 am

Every morning in Vegas I’ve woken up at 7AM, it hasn’t mattered if I went to bed before midnight or at 3AM. Today I rolled out of bed, performed the tasks necessary to move about in society, and walked into the Amazon Room around nine. There was one other person there, a security guard all the way across the floor, and as I walked to my seat on press row he walked toward an exit and passed through. I took my seat and looked over what was, for a few seconds, my room. Mine and mine alone.

I appreciated that bit of quiet after what’s been a typically weird week at the World Series of Poker. Of course one of the things I’ve always enjoyed about the WSOP is the weirdness, which is usually both copious and profound. An example–the other day I walked out of the room and there was a woman sitting on a bench breastfeeding. I don’t mean she had a blanket draped over her chest while her babe demurely suckled–no no, she had the boob flopped out and the kid was going to town. OK. Sure.

That was a bit weird. What was weirder was when I came back the woman had her infant lying on the bench, covered in a blanket, and the baby contentedly napping. A few hours later the woman was showing her cooing infant off to a bunch of people I took to be relations. And then, again hours later, the babe was napping again on the bench, despite the fact that the tournament was on break and thousands of noisy poker players were storming past.

I wanted to offer the woman my room key and said, “Please, madame, take the baby up there and relax. There’s a couch, you can watch TV, the baby can sleep on the bed until your husband/boyfriend/whatever gets knocked out of the goddam tournament.” She sat there with her baby for, how long? Six hours? More?

This is my fourth go-round at the WSOP and I was a bit shocked at how quickly that I’ve-been-here-forever feeling kicked it. I think it took, oh, fifteen minutes. The clatter of the chips, the crazy pattern on the carpets, that long, long walk down to the tournament rooms. I’ve had dreams that I’m in the Amazon Room and they’re pretty doggone similar to what I’m looking at right now. The fact that I’m a touch sleep-deprived and usually a couple of beers deep after dinner and reality does have a certain dreamlike quality. Everything I’m seeing I’ve seen before, and yet its all new, happening in the here and now.

Gonna try to write more here the next couple of days, gotta gotta gotta starting posting here again. Odd that when I’m in Vegas, my desire to write more on my own blog goes up exponentially. Or, maybe that isn’t odd at all.

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  1. Deena Says:

    This piece was a liaefjcket that saved me from drowning.

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