Triumph of the Will

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009, 2:46 pm

Today’s the sixth anniversary of this here blog. The one I don’t write in as much as I should–working on it. Seems a lot longer than six years, to be honest. I remember clattering away during my lunch breaks three jobs ago, writing about my low-limit poker play and troubles with haircuts (might get one today and I’m feeling that old trepidation again). The last year or so my site has felt like an afterthought and that needs to change. I miss it.

I actually have something to write about today–for the first time in 15 years I was on the team that won a league. This gives you an idea of how much I suck and, granted, our Monday league isn’t the deepest or most competitive in town but, still! I get a goddam T-shirt, people!! I have something to wear to my wedding!

We won, thanks in part to our opponent having to play a match to actually make the finals and then probably running out of gas after they beat us in the first match. We won the winner’s bracket so they had to defeat us twice to win the title and we righted the ship after that first loss. I haven’t played well lately but last night was the best I’ve played in years, though I did manage to roll my ankle late in the final game, something I’d never, ever done before. All the years I’ve played volleyball I don’t remember suffering an injury like that, I’ve never landed on anyone after a block or dislocated a finger, nothing. Had some shoulder issues years ago and, my God, do my hips hurt after a match, but somehow I’ve avoided volleyball’s usual occupational injuries. And even last night I was able to keep playing and it’s only a minor irritation today

Another minor irritation is reading all the posts and tweets of folks gearing up for another epic WPBT bender in Vegas. After long deliberation I decided not to go–I’m trying to save my shekels and the girlfriend keeps my calendar full. I really, really, really would like to see everyone, but oddly enough the idea of spending a long weekend in Vegas gives me pause. I dunno, I don’t think I’m still burned out from the WSOP, but maybe I am, just a little. I wasn’t assigned to cover the November Nine but I decided to go anyway, and actually had my flight all scheduled on Travelocity. But when it came time to hit the CONFIRM button I couldn’t do it. Didn’t wanna do it. Couldn’t justify it. “I’ll skip this and go in December,” I told myself. But when it came time to book this trip I again came up with reasons that were distressingly rational. “You’re thinking about buying a house, jackass,” the mean little voice in my head sneered. “Do I need to do the math to show you that extravagant expenses are NOT an option??”

So, crap. No Vegas, not now. But that’s OK, come Monday my pain-free head and liver will be my just reward. Unless my girlfriend’s work Christmas party goes off the rails on Saturday, and when she’s around very little ever stays ON the rails. So you kids have fun, don’t torment those cowboys too much, and say hello to Freddie Mercury for me.

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  1. iggy Says:

    Happy belated blog bday, sir!

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