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Saturday, June 27th, 2009, 7:33 pm

I’d like to think that SOMEDAY soon I’ll be able to write a post where my ill health isn’t the lead subject, but that day hasn’t yet arrived. After beating down my bronchitis a week ago it came back with a vengeance on Thursday. That’s the day I decided to take as my first day off, and instead of playing poker or swanning about Bellagio or whatever I spent 90% of it in my room feeling awful. I went to work yesterday and could not stop coughing. The general consensus on media row was, “Gene, go see a doctor”. And for once I decided to take good advice when it was offered and went to a clinic just down the street from MGM. Was in and out within an hour, with a beefed-up prescription and apparently lungs free of serious congestion. Feel better today, though I still have the occasional coughing jag.

For me, the 2009 World Series of Poker will be forever known as the Year of Feeling Miserable. There’s always been a little something wrong with me, when there wasn’t A LOT wrong with me. Hopefully these meds will clear me up once and for all and I can actually enjoy myself a little before its time to pack up and head home. Which is close enough now that I can almost see the finish line by so far away it feels like an eternity. Which is kinda the WSOP in a nutshell.

Beyond my suffering (which probably makes for fun reading for some of you) here are a few highlights from the World Series so far:

  • I had the worst Chinese food in the world for dinner last night. I got it from Studio Wok at MGM–kids, never EVER eat at Studio Wok. I was starving and needed food to take my pills with, and I threw away more than two-thirds of it. I wish I’d thrown away, oh, fifteen-sixteenths. Here on Media Row we’re often critical of the Chinese offerings in the Poker Kitchen, especially late at night. Studio Wok made the Poker Kitchen look like an episode of Iron Chef.
  • As I walked down the Strip to the clinic yesterday two girls bought a couple of bottles of beer and dumped them in a glass. Then the one girl put her thumb on the bottle and shook it up and started spraying people who walked past. Folks, you come to Vegas, act like you’ve been here before. Jesus.
  • As I walked back to the MGM after the doctor I saw two girls wearing black bikinis and flip-flops coming down the sidewalk from Monte Carlo. They were so drunk they kept falling down, until the one girl just plopped down on the sidewalk, giggling hysterically, while her friend tried to pull her to her feet. I was pleased that the crowd waiting to cross the street looked at them like they were frickin’ idiots. I should add that it was about 100 degrees out and that sidewalk had to be hot as hell.
  • I got back to MGM to catch the shuttle back to the Rio and some folks walked by, more than a few carrying drinks. One crazed individual in his sixties walked by with a friend, no shirt, and carrying a half-full (or half-empty) bottle of Cuervo. “This is my drink,” he said to his companion as he lifted the bottle for a sip. Viva Las Vegas!
  • The number of times I’ve nearly been run over by people on those motorized scooters? Three. The number of times the driver who nearly flattened me was T.J. Cloutier? One.
  • I usually get back to the MGM around midnight or so, and it’s a bit depressing at times to walk through the lobby and see scores of pretty girls dressed to the nines going out to the clubs–and I’m dragging my ass back to my room to collapse. That said, my God, there are SO many bad tattoos out there. Nothing like seeing a beautiful woman in a slinky gown glide by…and then see she has a toucan the size of a serving tray tattooed on her back. Which I saw a couple of weeks ago. “A toucan?” I thought. “She’s really into Froot Loops, maybe?” Maybe. Who knows.
  • Video poker has not treated me well this time around. Not well at all. Quads, just four times. That used to be a good afternoon for me. No more. No more.

So that pretty much sums up my last four weeks. And that’s so depressing I think I’m gonna have a cry. Still got a few weeks to turn everything around, maybe another blue pill will do the trick…

Oh, and yinz know you can follow my musings on Twitter, right? I post nonsensical ramblings there quite a bit during the day, they may amuse.

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