I Want the Cup!!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009, 3:29 pm

OK, yinz in Pittsburgh had your chance to see the Stanley Cup in person–now it’s my turn. The NHL is holding a charity tournament here in the Amazon Room today (the NHL Awards ceremony is at the Palms tomorrow) and I have solid information that THE STANLEY CUP WILL BE HERE TODAY. And if the STANLEY CUP WILL BE HERE TODAY you’d better be DAMN SURE I’m gonna get pictures of it and, God willing, maybe even get up close and touch it.

ESPN is filming the event, they have their big cameras here and they added hockey accouterments to the final table arena. To wit:

Yes, those are boards, glass, etc. The table itself is really cool, they replaced the green felt with “ice” and added the bluelines, faceoff circles, the works:

The tournament is going on right now, they’re playing three shootout tables (the top three from each starting table ends up at the final table tonight) and the guy I’m rooting for right now is Georges Laraque, the former Penguin tough guy who was such a fan favorite. I fondly remember rooting him on many a time as he made a shambles of some silly opponent’s face.

Alexander Ovechkin will be playing at some point today (I’ll stay classy and won’t run him), Roberto Luongo is there right now, Pat LaFontaine got knocked out, as did Mike Richards. I’ve been told that there will be a Penguin playing today (Max Talbot?) and maybe that’s when the Cup will arrive. That would make sense, bring it later in the day when the room is filled and there’s more energy in the place. But at some point I’ll get to see the cup. Maybe touch the Cup. Maybe add my name to Stanley Cup lore–I’ll be the insane guy in Vegas who grabbed the Cup and made a break for it and got Tasered after five steps. Aw man, that’d be AWESOME!!!

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