Game 7

Friday, June 12th, 2009, 5:14 pm

So tonight is Game 7 and there’s nothing more to say about that. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the greatest sporting event in the world and tonight that all comes to an end. And thank God. I got nothing left in the tank. Well, maybe I can squeeze enough rage and bloodlust to get me through one more game. One more.

I didn’t get to see much of Game 6, as I had to work and couldn’t skip out. And there’s the very real possibility that the same thing will happen tonight. That could be a good thing–I didn’t see either Penguin Cup-clinching games in their entirety. In ’91 we were all in Philly for Gary and Lori’s wedding and the bottle shop we watched the game at closed before the 3rd period started. And the bar downstairs wouldn’t turn the game on. In ’92 I had to work and missed the first period and part of the second, but I was there for the end and the celebration. So if I have to miss some of the game, so be it. So long as they win.

So long as they win. This is the glorious thing about sports, isn’t it–by the end of the day I’ll either be floating on Cloud Nine or wallowing in the pit of despair. All because of some contrived meet-up of large armored men with sticks skating around a rink. Very strange.

The hockey playoffs go on for almost two months and it’s takes a toll on the nerves. Between the Cup run last year, the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, and the long march to Game 7, it’s been a trying (yet glorious) year. It seems a bit much to ask the Sports Gods for a Stanley Cup after winning the Super Bowl (especially how the Steelers won it), but fans have short memories.

I’m gonna switch things up tonight. I’m not gonna sit at the bar and play video poker during the game. And I’m not gonna drink during the game–yeah, I’m pulling out all the stops. Gonna find myself a little table and watch the game and try not to burn out the screens with my brainwaves. Three hours ’till face-off. And then we’ll find out how the story ends.

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