Signal to Noise

Friday, April 24th, 2009, 4:28 pm

I don’t know why it tilts me that the weather is always magnificent when the NFL Draft rolls around, but it does. Actually I’m in a tilt-free zone at the moment–I’m sitting on my friend’s deck, soaking up the brilliant sunshine, while her two hounds slumber at my feet. Blue skies, trees swaying in the breeze, a cool drink at hand. It ain’t bad.

Tomorrow’s gonna be just as spectacular but I’ll probably spend a lot of it indoors watching the NFL Draft. It starts at 4pm this year, so that means I should be able to go for a bike ride or a walk before it starts. Heck, the Steelers won’t be drafting until, oh, 8:30, so I could conceivably enjoy the whole day outside like a rational, non-pathetic loser.

And this is the first year I can recall where that doesn’t sound like blasphemy. ‘Cause I’m frickin’ sick of all the draft talk. Months and months of non-stop chatter and rumors and mock drafts and on and on and on. And it’s all bullshit. Hey, I like bullshit as much as the next guy but even I can’t cram down all the B.S. shoveled by the gurus and draftniks and other weirdos.  There’s hardly any news, it’s all just noise to fill up airtime and the arid lives of degenerate football fans. Of course that’s a problem with the internet in general, all that noise crowds out the signal, no matter the topic. Locate the signal, find the good stuff, ignore the noise.

And so I’ll try to avoid adding my own noise to the background. I trust that the Steelers will get a good player in the first round, as there are a half-dozen I would’ve squawk about if we took ’em at #32. I wouldn’t mind seeing us trade down, though I don’t know who would be interested in trading up into the end of Round One. Some manner of large gentleman would be in order, a lineman one either side of the ball. Or, if Kevin Colbert is feeling sporty, a cornerback. Mack, Wood, Unger, Butler, Smith, Moala…all would be fine. One of the benefits of rooting for the best franchise in sports is that you learn to trust their judgement. If the Steelers take LeSean McCoy tomorrow I’ll just shrug and assume they know what the hell they’re doing.

Dogs sleeping. Sun shining. Dammit, I’m gonna go for a hike.

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