Goin’ South

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009, 1:06 pm

Sitting at home, killing time before I begin a day-long journey to Mar del Plata, Argentina. I do enjoy these surreal moments before taking a long trip–here I am, sitting at my desk just like any other day, and tomorrow I’ll (hopefully) be in South America. Actually, this time tomorrow I’ll be on a bus traveling from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata. I think. I’m getting confused about the times. I’ll just do what I always do–focus on the immediate, clear each hurdle as it presents itself.

I dropped off Ernie the Cat at my folks’ place yesterday and thought, “This time tomorrow I’ll be getting on a plane. This time next week, I’ll be back home. In six weeks I’ll be in Vegas for the WSOP again”. Insightful stuff to be sure, but before a big trip it all seems so unreal, so impossible that in a short period of time I’ll 6,000 miles from home.

Finished my taxes last night, ran a few last errands this morning. Wanted to stash some cash in a Roth IRA before I left but the brokerage guy wasn’t there, so that’ll be my last stop before I turn my silver steed toward the airport. I’m excited, mostly to see my friends who’ll be covering the event with me. And I’ve heard lots of good things about Argentina, the beef in particular. I’m bringing the camera, of course, I’ll probably take a few thousand pics along the way. I’m getting better at traveling light–all my clothes in a carry-on, all my gear in my shoulder bag–but when you’re lugging a laptop and a camera and a decent piece of glass it adds up fast.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Guess I’d better triple-check my gear, shutter the flat, take the first few steps on a long, long journey.

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