Drunkblogging The Madness

Thursday, March 19th, 2009, 2:22 pm

Once upon a time me and my peeps would invade Damon’s at 11:30 when the NCAA Tournament began and spend the next 36 hours in a delicious drunken stupor. I would get so excited that I would actually go through my clothes weeks ahead of time to pick out what I was going to wear–only the loosest of jeans, only the most wing-sauce-disguising of fabrics. It was the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Today? It’s just me and Matt. Damon’s closed three years ago, still cause for grief. More guys might come out later but c’mon! It’s the start of the tournament! Take your half day and go get drunk and root for the underdogs! This is America, dammit!

Oh well. Matt and I are still here. I have a cold beer at my elbow and if Buffalo Wild Wings ain’t Damon’s, they do have some big flatpanels and some bigscreens and WiFi to boot. Plus, hell, CS Northridge is giving Memphis a scare. Still a good day.

Of course you know that I won Pauly’s pool last year. This year I shamelessly picked all four #1 seeds to reach the Final Four. Got Pitt winning it all, in part because of my heart but also because I know their quality. Should be a most-enjoyable extended weekend. My only regret? It’s gorgeous outside. Why can’t the weather suck for March Madness. Feel doubly guilty being inside on a beautiful spring day while drinking and watching hoops. Oh well, gotta let go of the guilt.

Back to the action.

UPDATE: Those Chevrolet ads with Howie Long? Where he belittles people for buying trucks with clever new features and more-economical engines? No wonder our auto industry is in the shitter. And you know what? Fuck Howie Long. There, I said it. Fuck ‘im. Asshole.

UPDATE2: Why do all CEOs look alike? They just showed that commerical for Domino’s where the CEO is walking around handing out pizzas and he looks like every other CEO you’ve ever seen in your life. Must go to the same barber.

UPDATE3: Ever eat something and then you feel oooogh and wish you hadn’t eaten it? Did that twice today. Blech, feel so gross I can’t even look at myself in the mirror. Obviously my live-blogging petered out but apparently I’m a perfect 12-12 so far in one of my brackets. Michigan hung on, that was key, though as the game got close I cursed myself for ever having faith in the Wolverine. And that dunk Pargo had at the end of the Zaga-Zips game was seven levels of sick.

Think I’m gonna watch Illinois turn back the game of basketball 50 years and then go to bed. I will post better tomorrow.

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