On Hiatus

Sunday, March 1st, 2009, 4:31 pm

Has it really been two weeks since I’ve written anything? No–actually I’ve written quite a bit. I just haven’t bothered to post any of it. Just a spot of existential media paralysis I’m working through with limited success. I’ve even started and abandoned a half-dozen “Has it really been X since I’ve written anything?” posts. Pathetic.

I chose not to attend the “Mastadon Weekend” down in G-Vegas with some of the most irresponsible people on the planet. It was my Mom’s birthday, I’d volunteered to dogsit for a friend going out of town (in fact I’m letting sleeping dogs lie as I write this), and the thought of hanging out with that crew for three days straight made my liver cry. I regretted that decision at the time but now, imagining how my abused body would feel, it might’ve been a good call.

Especially as I went out Friday night to hear some high school classmates play at a bar just down the road. Saw ’em at the same place last year, had a great time, so I went back as they made their triumphant return. Some of my friends couldn’t go for various work- and virus-related reasons but when it comes to bars and beer, I represent. It was kind of a mini-reunion, saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in a long time, saw lots of familiar faces. Saw three or four people I know I know, somehow, but couldn’t place them. Let’s see you figure out how you recognize someone twenty years after the fact.

The place was packed but of course I dragged my camera along and took a lotta pics. Posted a few to Flickr and Facebook, got more to sift through. Photography continues to frustrate me. OK, the conditions weren’t idea–it’s a bar, with an eight-foot drop ceiling, and the lighting wasn’t ideal. I had my f/1.8 50mm lens wide open and the ISO cranked to the max. I understand that every shot ain’t gonna be crystal-clear. But too many just weren’t sharp enough. Not sure if I’m not focusing correctly, if it was too dark for the autofocus to lock on perfectly, or if that big an aperature means you’re gonna get some softness around the edges. I didn’t bring my flash to bear as I didn’t want to blind everyone in the room. All I want is, oh, an f/1.2 12-200 IS lens. And a camera that shoots at 51,200 ISO with no noise. Of course today probably not even the CIA has anything like that. By 2013 it’ll be standard issue in your cell phone.

A couple of pics:

Gonna dig through the pile on my computer and find a few more keepers. One thing I’ve learned is that i’f you’re kinda quiet, a bit introverted, get yourself a camera. Just point it at people and they’ll quickly turn your way and smile and get all excited. It’s quite nice.

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  1. OY Says:

    Is Peluso giving you the finger in the bottom photo? After all these years, STILL an ass…

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