Photo Dump

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008, 1:56 am

Just a few pics for your amusement. Post tomorrow, promise.

This is what my Monday nights usually look like. Volleyball for 2 hours, and then…beer.

Hartwood Acres is one of the parks near my flat and around the holidays you can drive through and see the huge collection of light-festooned trees and models and whatnot. I was walking around minding my own business when the sun went down and all the lights started coming on. It was dark and cold and grey and miserable (i.e. typical Pittsburgh weather) and I got some fairly ominous shots of cheery Christmas scenes. To wit:

Next time I head out there I’m bringing my tripod, you think everything’s nice and sharp when you check the LCD and then you take a closer look and get motion sickness ’cause it’s so blurry.

Friday I went up to Polish Hill (the neighborhood where my Mom grew up and where many of my relatives still live) to take some pictures of the lighting of their Christmas tree. I’m not sure what my cousin Terry’s official title is as head of the Polish Hill Civic Association (el jefe?) but I went up there to take a few shots of the choir singing and the kids making their demands to Santa. I thought this picture was kinda cute, she looks kinda dubious about the whole thing:

I’ve started going back through my photo folders looking for shots I can salvage now that I’m taking baby steps with Photoshop. Let’s just say that I have a lot of crap to work with. So much so that it’s intimdating/discouraging. Well, I want to stay up till at least 3AM, so now’s a good time to wade in.

UPDATE: I hate my profile picture and I’m looking to replace it and the pic I just uploaded is a bit…it’s a bit much. Took it with my iPhone as a lark and changed ti to black and white. I’ll change it to something a bit more palatable once I get a photo that’s a bit more palatable. No need for alarm.

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