Fame Ain’t All That

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008, 10:17 pm

Got home last night from the bar and let’s just say I was a little polluted. Not bad, not bad at all really, but I was feeling warm and fuzzy. Decided to play a little poker and as I waited to pay my blind I checked my email. Turned out I had a Facebook friend request from a person whose name didn’t ring a bell. And it wasn’t the sort of name that could easily slip your mind. But I was in an expansive mood, what with Penn State winning and Notre Dame losing and two pretty Miller Lite girls spending time chatting with us at the bar. So I accepted the offer of online friendship and went back to losing money.

I just checked my Facebook page and now that I’m sober I decided to refresh my memory about who my new friend is. I looked over his page…and I had no clue how he found me. Or how we might know each other. Poker and blogging both make for odd interpersonal connections but as I read his page I couldn’t deduce how the deuce we knew each other.

Then I saw that he’d taken the “Which Poker Player are YOU?” quiz on Facebook. And the result he got after taking the test? Which poker player is he?

The quiz said that he’s “Gene Bromberg”.

“Wha????” I said. And then I said, “WTF?” I’M a possible answer to a quiz on Facebook? About which kind of poker player you are? How the HELL did that happen? I don’t think I need to say how deeply weird this is. I guess Facebook somehow gobbled up my profile data, figured that I must be a poker player, and included me in the quiz answers. That’s the only answer I was able to come up with. ‘Cause nothing else makes sense. Heck, I’m not even famous in my own mind.

Of course I took the test myself–it said that I’m Phil Ivey. I’m not myself? I think Phil Ivey should be pretty pissed.

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  1. DanM Says:

    Don’t believe the hype. You really are The Gene Bromberg of Poker.

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