Very Satisfied

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008, 7:32 pm

That’s how I feel watching Penn State dismantle Michigan State to win the Big Ten title. On top of that I just got to enjoy watching Syracuse–Syracuse–beat Notre Dame. In South Bend. The funniest part was when the Irish offense took the field and announcer Tom Hammond said, “Here comes Jimmy Clausen…this is a moment where Notre Dame quarterbacks become legend.” Yeah, right! Leading a heroic comeback against Syracuse! Who’s one of the worst teams in D-1! A team who’s coach got canned this week! Hilarious! I almost didn’t mind missing Deon Butler’s 70-yard TD. I also just missed Butler’s 60-yard TD because Rick is slaughtering people on the Wii.

And making matters even more delicious I just bluffed a guy out of a HUGE pot in a cheapie tournament to move into the top 3 in chips. This after flopping a boat against a guy who slow-played Aces and then berated me for getting lucky for spiking trip deuces. When I suavely said I didn’t have a deuce he said, “Yeah, right. LOL”. LOL indeed. Love playing poker against silly people.

Now that I think about it…why aren’t I drinking? To the fridge!

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