The Thrill and the Chill

Friday, November 21st, 2008, 1:37 am

If you watched the Steelers-Bengals game tonight (or the Steeler-Charger game from this past Sunday) you saw some real football weather. Thermometer below freezing, wind howling, flurries filling the air. I can certainly appreciate picture-perfect warm weather (that’s about all Aruba has) but if I ever moved someplace warm I’d miss the bluster, the snowflakes kissing your cheeks.

Then again, I went out to take some pictures and didn’t dress for the occasion. Just wanted to set up my tripod and take a few night shots of the Veterans Memorial by the townshop community center. Piece of cake. Except that I was only wearing a hooded sweatshirt, I didn’t have gloves, and the wind had fangs. I decided to eschew the tripod and take a few quick shots before the hypothermia made me daffy. The memorial is topped by a brass (I think it’s brass) eagle, and I think this bird is gonna turn up in one of my upcoming nightmares:

Tomorrow is Light-Up Night in Pittsburgh and I’ll be heading down early both to get a parking spot and also to take some shots before the sun goes down and the lights come on. Then take a bunch of pics before heading to another blogger get-together. Hopefully I’ll get some good shots to make up for the lack of same this month.

Getting back briefly to the Steeler game…has anyone else noticed that the NFL Network’s coverage SUCKS? They don’t show replays half the time. Willie Parker pulls up lame…no one notices. Mewelde Moore nearly gets his head unscrewed from his torso…no replay. Aren’t these guys supposed to be paying attention to the game? A travesty.

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  1. Otis Says:

    And let’s not forget Moss getting knocked silly and not being mentioned for at least an hour afterward (I turned it off in the fourth quarter).

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