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Thursday, November 13th, 2008, 12:34 pm

So my friends wanted me to take pictures of their volleyball playoff game and I said sure. So I drive to Cranberry at 7pm and take some shots and, to my amazement, they win the match. I figure we’re off to the bar for drinks when they say, “No, we play again at 9 for the championship”.

Nine! I won’t get home in time to write my daily post, post my daily picture. But I’m a trooper, I hung around and took more photos and then we all went to Primanti’s to lick our collective wounds. Well, I didn’t have to do any licking, as I wasn’t on the losing team, like the rest of my friends were. Gotta give them credit, though, they hung in there against a team I thought was pretty scary. But what do I know?

But through the power of the iPhone I was able to write a quickly post last night and upload some photos. The technology today is simply awe-inspiring. You can use this little gizmo that’s smaller than a deck of cards to take pictures and upload them into the ether. And you can also write on it and listen to music and get detailed maps and…what a world we live in. The fact that such a world ALSO includes beer seems almost too much to ask for.

I’d like to point out that this picture was staged, Cathy was not chugging down the suds while drunkenly holding a baby. And for any delicate souls who are calling social services right now, chill out, that isn’t even Cathy’s kid. She just grabbed it out of some bassinette and I started taking pictures. Because we were all FACED.

That’s a joke too. I don’t want Cathy hitting me again. Which she did last night. And it hurt. I bruise like a peach. Time to go through all the pictures I took and find the good ones of Rick getting roofed.

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