Veterans Day

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008, 12:21 am

Went to a breakfast fundraiser this morning for the Friends of Danang, the group I went to Vietnam with. I planned to take some pictures of the parade that was due to start soon after the breakfast was over, but after waiting around a bit I decided to head home. It was cold and blustery. The sky was a flat, blown-out gray. And it looked like it was gonna be a good long time before the parade got started. I tried getting a few shots but I wasn’t the only one angling for pics:

Walked out into traffic and took a quick shot:

I took a picture of the color guard at the head of the column. It wasn’t too sharp, but there was a female soldier who was really, really cute. Looked good in a beret. I would’ve tried chatting her up but she was carrying a rifle. And it’s not the most appropriate situation. And…she was carrying a rifle.

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