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Monday, November 10th, 2008, 12:59 am

I’ve been following along with PokerNews’ coverage of the WSOP Final Table. Aside from applauding Change100’s and F-Train’s outstanding work, let me say this–man, live poker takes FOREVER. And what with all the interruptions and stoppages for filming I’m starting to wonder if they’ll get down to two players by the time heads-up play is scheduled to begin. Which is on Tuesday.

Feel a pang at not being there for the final table. It’s not a "Penn State and the Steelers both lost crushing games this blasted, benighted weekend" kinda pang, but it still qualifies.

This was the view from my desk the last day of play before the final table was set:

And here’s the view from my desk as I watch the final table today:

Yeah, I know, pretty crappy post and even crappier picture. But cut me some slack, I had a really crappy weekend.

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