Hit and Run

Thursday, November 6th, 2008, 5:05 pm

A quick and dirty post as I’m going to the Penguin game tonight and we’re gonna leave an hour early to get our drink on. Did some running around today, I was going to take some pictures from the pitch-and-putt I like to visit but I got held up and that’ll have to wait for another time. Visited the new Nordstrom’s that just opened not far from my flat–very nice. They got some nice threads there. I meant to mention before that the Macy’s in the mall just opened an entire section devoted to Ed Hardy stuff. In Vegas you can’t walk ten feet without passing someone wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt. In Pittsburgh, during the course of my entire life, I’ve seen one person wearing such a shirt, and that was at the Police/Elvis Costello show.

I stopped at Borders because, well, I love that place. Walked around, didn’t buy anything (because I love Amazon even more). As always I stopped by the Gambling section to see if there were any new poker books out. I have all three of Harrington’s cash game books on my shelf…don’t think I’ve ever opened them. I’ve played maybe 500 hands of online poker the last month, and most of those hands came after I hit the bar and game home buzzing and in the mood to gamble. Wish there were more non-strategy poker books out there, that talk about the poker world, the behind-the-scenes stuff. Of course…that’s what blogs are for. Silly me.

Books. How quaint. How 2002.

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  1. Short-Stacked Shamus Says:

    Groovy pic. I agree — would like to see more bios, narratives, histories, essay collections, etc. on shelves.

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