Foul Ball

Monday, November 3rd, 2008, 6:17 pm

I said I would post a photo every day this month. I did not say I would post a good photo. Sometimes, when you try, you fail. When I was in Aruba I took some pics of the sunset and I wanted to try taking some shots using my flash to illuminate a subject in the foreground whilst keeping the sky looking like it’s on fire. I didn’t get a chance because Mr. Genius left his flash in his bag on the one chance he got to hit the beach when the sun was going to bed. So I tried it today just outside my apartment. The results were not quite as I hoped, in part because I didn’t read up on the best way to take such a shot, in part because I’m still not nifty with my Speedlight. So, this is what I got:


Yeah, they both pretty much suck. Not only was I constrained by time and a lack of skill, I was standing on the edge of the road and couldn’t adjust my angle much. I couldn’t move right because of the row of pine trees, couldn’t move left because I would’ve been in the middle of the road. Normally that’d be no biggie but people were coming home from work and I nearly got clipped twice by people who like their rearview mirrors to extend beyond the asphalt. Jackasses.

So, if not an epic fail, it was still a fail. Tomorrow I shall fail better.

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