I Don’t Get It

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008, 11:00 pm

You thought I wasn’t going to post a picture today, did you? The few I took this afternoon didn’t quite pan out and the lighting in my apartment isn’t good if you like…light.

I went to a Halloween party on Friday but I wimped out and didn’t wear a costume. Actually I just wore my new glasses and when someone asked what I was supposed to be I took them off…put them back on…took them off…and said, "Clark Kent…Superman…get it?" I should say that I wasn’t wearing a blue shirt with a red "S" on it. The whole gag was the glasses. People were moderately amused.

The other day when I was at the store buying new pillows I passed by a display in the men’s department that had a houndstooth fedora. Which you don’t see every day, at least not these days. As Halloween drew near I thought that I could buy the hat, pair it with my glasses, and go as Elvis Costello. Then I realized no one would get that. Then I thought that I could buy that hat, wear my contacts, and go as Slippers. Then I realized that no one from the PokerNews crew would be at the party and trying to explain why I was dressed as an Australian would be difficult. Especially as I don’t know why Slippers is called "Slippers". And that would be the story everyone would want to hear. So I didn’t buy the hat.

I did buy an app that lets you add all sorts of effects to photos you take with your iPhone (the app is called CameraBag), and that’s what I used to take this pic. I don’t want anyone complaining that I never gave you reason for nightmares:

Even when I deliberately mess up my hair it looks a mess.

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  1. Darcy Says:

    Don’t you look stylish! I like the new specs.

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