Wednesday, October 29th, 2008, 5:10 pm

Back in the old days I’d write up a post about every World Series of Poker episode and I’d bitch and snark and show off my fabled wit. These days I sit down at the computer and write 4,000 words and finally abandon it. Just as I’ve abandoned the post I’m working on now. It’s too long and I need to think a few things through before I post it.

But a few quick tidbits. One, I was on the teevee last night! Yes, on a couple of occasions the camera pans right and there I am, standing behind Joe Bishop, and sitting at my table typing away. So, yes, I was at the 2008 World Series of Poker. Nyah.

Second–during the first episode they showed Tiffany Michelle eating a plate of chicken tenders and French fries at the table, and the other players start grumbling that she’s going to get grease all over the chips. And I think it was Scott Montgomery who pointed out that the chips in question were probably filthy and disgusting and there’s Tiffany handling her chips and then eating with her fingers.

I didn’t hear that table talk while I was working that day. And when Tiffany abandoned her barely-touched platter at my desk, well…it smelled really good. And I was really hungry. So Matt and Matt and I ate some of Tiffany’s leftovers. In fact, I took a picture of it for posterity (if she’d won that photo would’ve made me famous) but I’ve no idea what folder it’s in. And so as I watched the players talk about how disgusting the chips were and how God knows what kind of germs might’ve been spread to Tiffany’s lunch, I realized that on that day I’d been eating from what amounted to a Petri dish. Ehh, I got a whole battery of shots before I went to Vietnam, and I have a fairly robust constitution.

Odds that I actually finish a WSOP-themed post before the new World Champion is crowned? It’s at least a coin flip.

OK, couldn’t find the picture of soggy French fries, but here’s a picture I took of the hand where Paul Snead called Scott Montgomery’s all-in and lost on the river. I think I took this shot about five seconds before Tiffany Michelle called the clock on Snead, an act that has generated a wee bit of controversy.

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