Aruba Quicky

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008, 12:42 am

After writing posts all day about the last thing I wanna do when I get done for the night is write up a post. But this is cheaper that going down to the casino and losing a hundred bucks playing video poker. That can wait till tomorrow.

Aruba is different from most tournaments. Most people qualify on UB, for many this is the one big tournament they’ll play all year. It’s outside the US and so 18-year-olds can play, meaning there are a lot of (literal) kids running around. My boss Andres and I played a SNG with a half-dozen trashed online guys who were a wee bit out of line. F-bombs galore, one guy pushed all his chips into the pot and when he got called he pulled his chips back. Arguing that because he hadn’t taken his hands off the chips, the bet wasn’t binding. When the dealer’s jaw hit the table and she explained that, no, that’s not quite the rule, one of the other guys called her a bitch. Not in a mean way, I should say, but in a drunken "I don’t know what the hell I’m saying" way. The floor cut them some major slack and the dealer helped defuse the situation, but I gently told them a bit later that in 99.9% of the casinos on Earth their behavior would’ve cost them their chips and probably their presence in the joint. Oh well. I can’t imagine how I would’ve behaved as a teenager in Aruba with money.

I took third in the SNG, I should say. Doubled up when I flopped a set of tens, other guy hit his four-outer on the turn for a straight, and I boated up on the river. Busted a guy when he turned a pair and I rivered a straight. Then Andres busted and my Q-10 couldn’t beat K-6. Tipped well to make up for the abuse the dealers endured and walked away $60 to the better. Here’s a pic of me and Andres.

Next day I took in the poker seminar Annie Duke and a few other players hosted in the A.M. Rosalie, a reporter who lives in Aruba, took this shot of me hard at work.

That night was the big welcome party, lots of drinking, dancing, etc etc. Buying a Speedlight was a good move, as it made for much crisper pictures. And people do like getting in front of the camera:

It’s interesting that the pictures I took of lovely ladies are the ones getting the most hits on Flickr. Interesting in a completely-obvious kinda way.

The start of the tournament was spread over two days, and we finished up the second this evening. I didn’t bother much with hand-for-hand stuff or chips counts just yet. There are two cool guys from CardPlayer and PocketFives and they’ll be a huge help as the tournament moves along. Phil Hellmuth didn’t make it back from London in time to play tonight–apparently his flight was due to land around 11pm, and that’s when the last of his chips went into the pot. Took tons and tons of pictures of the tournament as well–if you’re so inclined, all my photos from Aruba will be posted at my Flickr page. And you can read my posts on the tournament at the Arublog.

Went for a swim this morning, after barely dipping my toes in the Caribbean last year. Trying to take a few moments here and there to enjoy myself, drink it all in. But I’m here to work, the clock stays punched. Think I’ll decompress a bit (decompress is shorthand for "drink one more beer") and then get some sleep. We’re only playing five levels tomorrow, with no dinner break, so we’ll be done around 8pm. Maybe indulge myself tomorrow night.


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