Technology–Can’t Live With, Without

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008, 5:48 pm

Seriously, I’ll learn to copy my posts before I hit the PUBLISH button. Ah, WordPress, you are a worthy adversary! That’s, what…five posts I’ve lost in the last three weeks? Fan-(deleted)-tastic!

Anyway, what I wrote about was the iPhone I bought today, and I wanted to ask you kind and decent people for tips on what cool apps I should download and any other tricks I should be aware of. Been playing with it for a few hours and, my stars, it’s a wonder. Love how my photos look on that big, bright screen, love the maps app, and I’m getting used to the onscreen keyboard. Even like the calculator, which will make figuring out the tip on bills much easier. As I apparently can’t divide by five. And surfing the web on it while sitting in traffic is, like, way cool. I only wish it came with a built-in phaser.

OK, time to hit Ctrl-C to thwart WordPress’s dastardly plans and see if this mess posts.

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3 Responses to “Technology–Can’t Live With, Without”

  1. F-Train Says:

    Free apps to consider:

    1. Any flashlight app. surprisingly useful.

    2. Pandora radio. Absolute must.

    3. Evernote – most useful for it’s voice-recording feature.

    4. AIM – sure, you can just text people, but IMs are free.

  2. PokerGambit Says:

    you can’t forget a RSS reader such as Bloglines.

  3. Johnny Hughes Says:


    Being an old dude, I have a mytical relation with my computer. It is like a nagging old wife. Are you sure you want to delete that? Are you sure you want another joint?

    When I first started using a computer, I wrote mean letters to my boss. Sometimes, the computer ate them, and I accepted it as a cooler, wiser head. This happened often. Now as a writer, when it doesn’t go, I quietly accept the computer’s judgement. It tells me to re-write, try to remember, do it better. The computer has this veto power. Accept it.

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