Maybe Tomorrow

Thursday, September 11th, 2008, 2:22 pm

Two years ago I wrote a post titled Five Years After 9/11. I was gonna write something today about the anniversary of the attacks on September 11th but, really, what’s the point? Osama bin Laden’s still alive, we’re still in Iraq, George Bush is still President, and there’s actually a chance that John McCain will be our next President. If we learned anything about America on September 11th it’s that America didn’t learn anything.

I thought about driving up to Somerset today for the commemoration at the Flight 93 crash site. I’ve driven past the road leading to the temporary memorial dozens of times, as it’s close to the lake house where we spend so many idyllic weekends. I’ve never visited the temporary memorial, we’re always either coming or going when we pass by, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 I thought I’d wait until the actual memorial was built. It’s seven years later and it’s still not built, and in fact a collection of crazypeople are claiming that the design is actually that of an Islamic mosque. I wonder how loons like that function in real life, when their make-believe world doesn’t conform with the physical realm.

Anyway, I thought about driving up today, but then I read that no backpacks were permitted (meaning no camera bag) and with McCain showing up I didn’t know if my telephoto lens would pass muster. So I didn’t go. Maybe I’ll take a jaunt tomorrow. Maybe next week. Chances are that next week Osama bin Laden will still be alive, we’ll still be in Iraq, George Bush will still be President, and John McCain will still have a chance to be our next President. Chances are next week I’ll be as disgusted as I am right now.

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3 Responses to “Maybe Tomorrow”

  1. Special K Says:

    I’m happy for you that these trivial things rise to the top of your list of things that disgust you. It could be so much more serious. Your’s is a good life. Enjoy it.

  2. Gene Says:

    Our definitions of “trivial” don’t coincide. And yes, mine is a good life.

  3. bastin Says:

    Bush may be trivial, but that describes his character, not the disastrous impact he has had on our country.

    I hear ya, bro.

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