The Doldrums

Monday, September 8th, 2008, 7:03 pm

I’m in the middle of some serious writer’s block, hence the lack of posts. I’m actually not blocked, per se, I just can’t think of anything to write about that won’t be a waste of your time. Write a post about the Presidential campaign? Yeah, there aren’t enough bloggers shrieking about that. Brag about my fantasy football team? See above. God help me, write a post about poker? I played a two-table $10 sit-n-go today and took fourth, posting a seven-dollar profit. Ship it.

The big thing I did today was get my eyes examined (eyes only, not the whole head). I was down to my last pair of contacts and they were getting a bit gunky, and I wanted to re-up before I head to Aruba in a few weeks. My prescription changed quite a bit since I last visited the optometrist, something I suspected as I’ve been doing a lot of squinting of late. And that’s not a good look for me.

I had to get my pupils dilated so they could get a good look inside my baby-blues and, once dilated, my pupils didn’t want to un-dilate. I was wearing my Ray-Bans inside all afternoon because it hurt like heck to stare at anything brighter than the bottom of a beer bottle. After they put the drops in I had a few minutes while they popped my peepers and I wandered around the shop trying on frames. I haven’t gotten a new pair of glasses since, oh, 1992. I never wear them in public because they’re bent, don’t fit my buckethead (Barry Bonds got nothin’ on my noggin) and look really awful. My ex-wife always said she wished she wore my glasses more often because she liked how I looked in them. I think she said that because they obscured a bit of the gruesome.

Anyway, I’m now in my natural element–I’m sitting in a bar, beer at my elbow, writing. We always go to the North Park Clubhouse after we play volleyball Monday nights because they have beer and wing specials and give away swag during the season. Our VB league actually hasn’t started yet, but hey, we all need more beer glasses for our china cupboards. What with Marzoni’s closing I haven’t had much quality time writing in bars, and I’ve missed it keenly. Gotta do a better job of mixing business with pleasure.

I’m in a sports bar…and yet I’m watching the U.S. Open’s live-streaming coverage on my computer. God Bless America.

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