Taking a Deep Breath…

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008, 5:41 pm

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted too much lately. This is in part to the fact that it’s summertime, the livin’ is fine, and it’s too doggone nice out to be bloggin’. There’s another reason–it seems like every other post I write gets eaten by WordPress. I’ll be working on something, I’ll switch tabs to grab a link or something, and I hit some button wrong and the browser goes to the previous page and, poof. It’s all gone. What I just wrote wasn’t some magnum opus and it wasn’t even that long, just five or six grafs. But this has happened like FIVE FREAKIN’ TIMES in the last few weeks and right now I’m livid. I know I should be clicking the save button every so often but isn’t there some autosave function in WordPress? I’m gonna take a little walk, decompress a bit, maybe strangle a hobo, and see if that calms me down. Then I’ll return to the keyboard.

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2 Responses to “Taking a Deep Breath…”

  1. Darx Says:

    I always feel sad when I learn that your words have disappeared into the ether. I mean, you’re funny, and all the funniness, it just gets wasted. Sympathy.

  2. The Brother Says:

    Why were any questions asked? She is a female Governor of the largest state (mass) in the United States. It was announced at the perfect time to eliminate any bounce that Obama would get from the convention. Her main flaws are she has limited experience in public service and her daughter is pregnant. Two issues that cant be attacked. The first because it points out the biggest weakness in Obama, the second can’t be attacked for good form. Palin is not being compared to Biden, she is being compared to Obama.

    What the McCain camp did was genius because he led people to compare his VP pick with the Presidential pick of the other party. What better way to look Presidential then to have that comparison. The selection of Palin put Obama in the unusual situation of having to beat someone who mirrors himself.

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