None Shall Pass

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008, 9:54 pm

Went for a little drive, stopped at my parents’ place to wish my Dad a Happy 70th Birthday (he wants to get Chinese food for his birthday, that’s easy) and I felt a bit better about my lost post. Referring back to my previous entry, let me say this–if you decide to strangle a hobo, you must be prepared to STRANGLE THAT HOBO. You must commit. Don’t be the guy wandering under the 9th Street Bridge asking yourself, "I kinda feel like strangling a hobo today, I guess".

Anyway. This isn’t what I was writing about when WordPress belched but I read this article about John McCain’s ludicrous assertion that Sarah Palin was properly vetted for the Vice-Presidency. They checked her out…without speaking to anyone in Alaska politics. Without checking the records of her local newspaper. Without interviewing any of her friends and neighbors. Without McCain having more than a handful of brief conversations with her. It’s pathetic.

But wait, the McCain camp says. Palin filled out a 70-question survey and THAT means she’s been properly investigated. Because, of course, a questionaire will always find the Truth. Especially one with SEVENTY questions, seventy being the optimal number for divining the inner soul of any sentient being. Especially as no one, in the history of the world, has ever fudged the truth on a questionaire.

The questions posed pose questions themselves. Let’s look at those listed in the article:

Have you ever paid for sex?

Everyone who has ever been married has paid for sex. Maybe not in the coin of the realm, but EVERYONE who is or has been married has paid for sex in some way. If it wasn’t for the bartering power of sex then garages would never get cleaned, fences wouldn’t get painted, and mothers-in-law wouldn’t be treated like rational human beings. WE ALL PAY FOR SEX.

Have you been faithful in your marriage?

An understandable yet uncomfortable question to pose to a candidate for Vice-President, when the Presidential candidate has to answer "No". John McCain, of course, having admitted to extramarital affairs.

Have you ever used or purchased drugs?

Another queasy question, seeing that McCain’s wife Cindy was at one time addicted to painkillers. One would think that would make McCain and Republicans in general more forgiving toward those who once used drugs or are suffering from addiction. One should not hold one’s breath. I can see the wisdom of weeding out obvious crack addicts and tweakers, but shouldn’t you be able to suss that out without relying on a questionaire? Is recreational drug use in the distant past really a big deal in this day and age?

But if you wanna get ridiculous, let’s move to the last question from the article:

Have you ever downloaded pornography?

Leaving aside what the precise definition of "pornography" is…actually, let’s NOT leave it aside. What manner of smut are they talking about? Playboy Bunnies frolicking about the Mansion? Good ‘ol fashioned XXX hardcore? Weirdo German fetish flicks with submissives in rubber lederhosen? Why get so worked up (no pun intended) about consenting adults watching other consenting adults do…stuff? Different strokes for different folks (no pun intended but not avoided either). Frankly, I’d look askance at any potential VP who answered "No" to that question. Especially as they’ve got "food porn" and "tech porn" and other flavors these days.

It’s disturbing how much focus is paid to nonsensical "moral" questions and how little to questions like "is this person capable of doing the job"? Is he/she intelligent? Is he/she smart enough to know what they don’t know? Does he/she think the Constitution of the United States is a good thing? Is he/she willing to tell the American people bald-faced lies that instantly fail the smell test? Alas, I think we already know those answers.

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4 Responses to “None Shall Pass”

  1. bastin Says:

    Here, have some Kool-Aid. It will help.
    No, seriously, have some Kool-Aid.
    Drink the damn Kool-Aid!
    Now, say after me: “Sarah Palin is just what this country needs.”

    Country First!

    The last two elections the NASCAR dads had a drinking buddy in the White House. Now they’re looking for a fight and a boink.

  2. Lucypher Says:

    You are so right on so many levels. There are far more important questions that need to be answered that are much more relevant to the job. As a country, we need to stop obsessing over personal conduct that is neither important nor relevant to the job the candidate is being considered for. Nietzche said a long time ago, “there are no moral phenomena at all, only moral interpretations of phenomena.”

  3. The Brother Says:

    Gene I like what you write. You are wrong here. Where is the vetting on the other side?

  4. Gene Says:

    What makes you think Biden wasn’t vetted? He’s been in the Senate for over 30 years, he’s left a long paper trail, his voting records are there for all to see. The other day he also released his tax returns from the last 10 years, so his personal business is open for examination.

    But that’s not really the relevant point. What is relevant is that the McCain campaign said that they vetted Palin…and they didn’t. McCain hadn’t spent more than a few minutes talking to her. They hadn’t spoken to anyone in Alaska politics about her. They didn’t check the local papers to see what she’d done and said as mayor and governor.

    And so you have the McCain campaign, on a daily basis, lying to the American people about her record. She was opposed to the Bridge to Nowhere. Uh, no, she supported it. She’s against earmarks. Uh, no, she asked for and got hundreds of millions in federal earmarks. She didn’t try to have books banned in local libraries. Oh wait, she did. She’s been to Iraq. No, no, she hasn’t. They’re trying to portray her as some kind of foreign policy maven because Alaska is near Russia, they’re making her out as an energy policy expert because she was briefly the head of some Alaskan energy bureaucracy. It’s all bullshit.

    She’s under investigation in the whole Troopergate scandal, and her response is to refuse to testify and ignore subpoenas, while at the same time trying to undercut the people charged with investigating what happened. So she allegedly abused her position, and then refuses to cooperate with the investigation.

    And this is the ticket that’s promising to bring “change” to Washington? We’ll lie, we’ll ignore the facts, we’ll blame the media when we get called on it, we’ll flaunt the law and stonewall attempts to bring the truth to light…this is change?

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