Double Fantasy

Friday, August 29th, 2008, 3:27 pm

Tonight’s the draft for the Pittsburgh Blogger Fantasy Football league. Last year I finished fourth. One out of the money. Of course. I managed this despite having Reggie Bush AND Philip Rivers AND Travis Henry on my team. Those gentlemen will not darken my door this season…actually, is Travis Henry banned from the league? In jail? I’m not even interested enough to give him a google.

Blogging is thriving here in the ‘Burgh. In fact, Pittsburgh is one of the bloggiest cities in America. Which leads to a problem–there are so many marquee bloggers (ha!) here that we had to expand the league. This year we’re going to have SIXTEEN teams fighting for the title. Which is, like, a lot. You’re gonna see people with Chad Henne as their backup QB and Gary Russell as their third running back. Don’t know who Gary Russell is? Good, I may need him come the final rounds. We’re all meeting tonight for beer, pizza, and the usual spate of good-natured trash-talking and spittle-flecked invective. The latter will probably happen when someone takes Matt Ryan in Round 13 and leaves me choosing between Kellen Clemens and Kerry Collins as my starting QB. It could happen.

ESPN ran a front-page feature today ranking each NFL team’s fans. Steeler Nation was, of course, #1, but with a caveat–we ostensibly tied with Green Bay for the top spot, but John Clayton (a Pittsburgh native) cast the deciding vote. They listed the criteria for deciding which fan base was best (how’s the stadium experience, how hard do the fans take losses, how deeply to other fans hate you) and one aspect they looked at was how well your fans travel. On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the best, their panel of experts rating Steeler fans a 2 on how well they travel. Like, are you freaking kidding? When the Steelers play in Cincinnati it’s practically a home game. When we played in Dallas (DALLAS!) a few years ago a number of Cowboys commented on how many Terrible Towels they saw. And did none of them watch Super Bowl XL? True, Detroit is only a few hours drive away, but still! Steeler fans have by far the biggest presence in opposing stadia, though sadly that’s probably due in part to the Pittsburgh diaspora that started in the 1908s. Still, those people are staying true to the faith and raising their youngins in Black and Gold. At least those who care about their children do.

So, I’ve just enough time to print out some cheat sheets and be on my way. Have no idea when I’m picking. I’ll be curious to see how long people take before making their picks, and how much rage these pauses cause among those who’ve gone an hour without adding to their team. Personally, I’m gonna drink some beer, stay mellow, maybe even do some work. I miss working from the bar now that Marzoni’s is closed. Yeah, I’m still in mourning.

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