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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008, 1:44 pm

This past weekend was the tournament for our beach volleyball league. How did we do? Great–we forfeited our opening game. Look, people were out of town, or they had plans for the rest of the weekend…and we were scheduled to play at 8am Saturday morning. I don’t need to tell you that eight o’clock comes early on the weekends. It was gonna be chilly, it was gonna be damp, and we were gonna get killed. So we could do like the Light Brigade and charge into the Valley of Death…or we could say the hell with it and gracefully step aside. Believe me, when I rolled over in bed Saturday morning and looked at my alarm clock, the phrase "quitters never win" never seemed more of a lie. I fluffed my pillow, cradled my head, and slipped back into Dreamland.

Not playing in the tournament meant that I had some free time on my hands, and even I couldn’t fill all that free time just by drinking beer. So I lugged the camera around and took about a trillion pictures of the weekend. I posted a bunch on my Flickr page, I’ll keep sifting through them and upload a few more as the days go by. I haven’t taken many pictures lately and I forgot how heavy that things gets when it’s hanging around your neck for hours at a time. But I needed to get some practice in before Aruba next month, and what better chance to hone my "skills" than a beach volleyball tournament?

I think Joe managed to blast this ball through the block:

My friend Rico, with a look of steely determination (or severe constipation) on his face:

That’s a block:

So is this:

Yeah, I can do this, no problem:

There are age restrictions on who can play, but they aren’t strictly enforced:

I didn’t play a single point all weekend, but it was so freakin’ hot out there that I was pouring sweat. Still, I missed not playing. Last year we played in the Rec league and I think made it to the semifinals, so we were playing pretty much the whole weekend. This year the league was split into three tiers, we played in the middle one, and got killed. Due in large part to the fact that I spend most of the summer in Vegas. And, uh, in part because we suck. There was talk that the bottom teams would get relegated and the winners promoted, but we’ll see if that happens. We may voluntarily move down to the bottom tier. Or, we may dedicate ourselves to the task at hand and arrive next year more focused, fitter, and prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve victory.Or, we may just forfeit next year too.

Which wouldn’t be THAT big a crime. There’s nothing wrong with sitting in the sun, kicking up a little sand, and having a beer or two. Or three. Or…I think Rick has four beers here…

Maybe we didn’t win, or even play, but it was still a fun weekend. With the champions crowned I relinquished my burden and played catch-up at the bar. And that was a nice way indeed to wrap up the weekend:

Mean Gene livin’ large, Mean Gene livin’ SO large.


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