Oh, How They’ve Grown

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008, 11:28 am

Been a busy/lazy time the last few days. I’m house/dogsitting for my brother, and his internet has been giving me fits. I’ve had to shuttle between the house and my flat to make sure that both Sunny and Ernie have adequate amounts of food, water, and attention. I’ve been trying to get two longish posts done, and obviously I’ve failed at that.

But I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Pauly on the Tao of Poker’s five-year anniversary. And to remind everyone that Pauly’s hosting a gala $5 tournament at PokerStars at 9pm tonight and that winner gets two nights at Borgata and a $5K entry into the Borgata Poker Open. Should make for an especially vicious final table, even for a blogger event. I’ll be there…provided I can find a reliable internet connection. I may have to play this one at home. Sigh, if Marzoni’s was still open, I’d play from there…

When my Mom retired last week she had a whole bunch of documentation about her pension and 401(k) she needed to file away, and my Dad cleaned out a big accordian file I used more than ten years ago. He put all the stuff I had in the file in a bag and gave it to me the last time I visited, and as I sifted through it found a few items of interest. My transcripts from Penn State and Pitt, and my GRE and GMAT scores (man, I frickin’ NAILED the GRE). Most of the rest was just junk from my days with the bank, and I got the all-over shivers as I picked my way through the refuse and remembered those unhappy days.

Then I found about 150 pages from my old day-planner lying at the bottom of the bag. Over the years I used to keep notebooks of my scribblings and when I was at that bank I used my planner as my journal/therapist. I read a few of the pages…and found how much, and how little, my life has truly changed. Still trying to lose weight (though back then I was, oh, 30 pounds lighter). Still going back-and-forth with the same gal. It was weird reading about people I haven’t thought about in a decade, yet still came across stuff about the friends I was playing volleyball with last night. Of course, like millions of others I eventually transitioned from writing in notebooks to writing a blog, though as I flipped through the pages of my old journal I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read it. Having an audience, even a small one, is a good thing for a writer. I think I’m gonna pitch those pages, and I’m tempted to finally dispose of the rest of my journals. Heck, I have a few that date back to high school. This would partly be a ceremonial break from my not-very-interesting past, and partly a chance to do some late spring cleaning. They take up room.

Five years. That’s forever in blog years. Long enough for some of the biggest and most powerful corporations in the world take the time to declare war. Fight the power, any way you can.

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3 Responses to “Oh, How They’ve Grown”

  1. Pauly Says:

    Thanks for the plug!

  2. Lori Says:

    Historically, some of the most valuable information comes from journals. Not to compare you to a George Washington or an Abe Lincoln but I’d say keep those journals. I know I’ve enjoyed reading letters and postcards exchanged by great aunts & uncles, grandparents and family I’ve never met.

    Besides, sometimes its fun to have those moments of nostalgia. Think about how much better off you are and how things turned out.

  3. bastin Says:

    Regarding your last paragraph: There is talk in Canada of surcharges for any sites other than big entry points. If one wants to go to any sites other than those that are “sponsored” one will have to pay extra. If this happens, we’re all SOL.

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