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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008, 11:40 am

Went to see Elvis Costello and the Police last night. Think I agree with Scott Mervis, the P-G rock critic, when he said he wished EC had been the headliner. Not that the Police weren’t great–they were–but Costello was only onstage for an hour and that just wasn’t enough. Costello was sporting muttonchops and looked like he could’ve been a Sergeant-Major in the Coldstream Guards. Sting wore a form-fitting shirt and looked like a million bucks. How old is that guy? Jesus. I felt bad for Stewart Copeland’s drum kit. That guy puts a vicious beating on those skins.

It was a bit weird hearing the Police turn "Every Breath You Take" into a peppy little sing-a-long, when of course it’s one effed-up song. Of course Costello did the same thing with "Watching the Detectives", a tune that contains one of my all-time favorite lyrics, "She’s filing her nails/While they’re dragging the lake". There are novels that have less tension, drama, and character than those two lines.

Last night demonstrated the awesome power of the Blog. We had some extra tickets to the show. I write up a little post saying such. Hundreds of miles away, in Cleveland no less, my friend Darcy sees it and gives me a call. And she drives down for the concert. I scribble a few words on the internet and gears start turning and wheels start…turning, and happy things happen.

In an unrelated story, I got an email yesterday letting me know that Steely McBeam is now following me on Twitter. You know my views on Steely McBeam–I think that Steely should follow the example of Joe Magarac. Today, preferably. I twittered that finding out Steely was following me was like learning the Antichrist had joined your bowling league. He (it?) twittered back " I bowl at 220 on average. You pay for the lanes, I’ll bring the beer. Can one bowl while carrying a steel beam?" OK, I’m not going there. I am not going to engage Steely McBeam in Twittertalk. I will not declare war. I will stay above the fray. The moral high ground, as I like to say. I will not allow the befanged, shrieking monster that lies just under the surface to take control. No.

I still don’t feel like I’m quite back up to speed after getting home from Vegas. Been running around a lot, which is good. But at times I feel myself sinking back into my familiar rut, which is bad. Been writing more, though not here. Not at the moment, anyway–working on something silly that I’ll post here eventually. For now, I gotta go out and buy my bed. The good times, they keep on rollin’.

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  1. Darcy Says:

    Miscellany, but I think you knew that 🙂

    The concert was a blast. Totally worth the drive. Thank you again for letting me come with you!!

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