The Quiet Life

Sunday, July 20th, 2008, 8:50 pm

Nothing like writing up a post, packing up the computer, driving to the lake, unpacking the computer, and realizing that you never hit the "Publish" button. I was 30 minutes away from an internet connection and at some point my computer belched and I lost the post. Technology. It underachieves.

I left one group of friends when I flew home from Vegas, and spend the weekend with another group of friends up at the lake. Yes, I am a lucky dog. I’m also a tired dog. I think I’m back on Pittsburgh time, though last night I conked out in a chair while we were watching TV and woke up around 2am in the pitch dark. I honestly didn’t know where I was. Not in the Vegas condo. Not home. Where? Enjoyed a moment of actual panic before I figured out where I was.

Home again, and time to get back to a normal life. Need to go grocery shopping. Have a volleyball game tomorrow night. Gotta pick up Ernie the Cat. On Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday. Thursday, at the latest.

Got lots of pictures to post. But I think I’m gonna take the rest of the night off.



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  1. Tej Says:

    2.16 o souleiman den peerpi na fygei apo ekei pou einai giati kai den kostizei polu kai skizei se mia dyskoli zoni pou fernei esoda kai an fygei tha xasei koino apenanti apo ta klemmenaoneira kai den tha exei toso kerdos. kali i kinisi tou ant1 me to vals

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