Leaving Las Vegas

Thursday, July 17th, 2008, 9:01 pm

My flight’s at midnight, I’m pretty much packed, and I have a bit of time to kill before I turn in my keys and whatnot and head to the airport. I woke up this morning at 7am, thanks to a phone call from my Dad. "Where are you?" he said, and I slurred, "Uh…what?" He thought my flight was landing this morning, not tomorrow, and was waiting for me to call from the airport to say I’d landed. But no biggie, as I went back to sleep and woke up feeling refreshed.

Had dinner with Pauly and Change and Dan and Jen last night, and a good time it was. Had some fantabulous wine, had something called a "lobster scramble" which was pretty damn good. Pauly and I agreed our steaks weren’t done quite to perfection, but still, an awesome meal. Then we played the 10pm tournament at Treasure Island after showing up at 10:30. I doubled up early when I flopped a flush draw and gutshot to my opponent’s two pair and made my flush on the turn. Won a race with Tens against A-J, made the nut flush with A-K and got paid off, and stole enough to make it to the final table. But once we were down to 7 or so I went card dead. Top 5 paid, and after one guy hit a two-outer to stay alive he knocked me out on the bubble when my A-K was no good against his Q-J. But it wasn’t all bad–we’d done a $10 save for sixth place so the tournament only cost me $15, and I got more than that amount of fun out of it.

After I packed and washed the linens and towels I headed out to Silverton for dinner. The buffet wasn’t open until four, so I played some video poker and watched the Britsh Open highlights. I started off good and was up around $5 when I made quad nines. Nice. I was just about to book a $20 win when I was dealt two aces and…voila! Quads again! And quad aces pay off 400-1, so that was a nice $100 payday. The way video poker has gone for me this year it was a nice way to rebound.

I’m so ready to go home, but I also really don’t wanna leave. This kinda feels like home, in an odd way. Though I’m sure when I get HOME home I’ll be glad to be there. I thought about staying here through Saturday–I’m glad now that I didn’t. That’d be too much time to kill. Odd, I’ve been in Vegas for nearly seven weeks, and I spent about ten hours total on the Strip. Just never got down there.

Time to take out the trash, fold the sheets, and get get ready to go. Maybe a last trip to South Point, have one last beer…we’ll see.

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  1. Cali Jen Says:

    Glad your quads came back. 🙂

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