The Last Waltz

Monday, July 14th, 2008, 11:42 pm

I’m covering the last day of the World Series of Poker Main Event. I won’t reveal any details in this post because I know there are people out there who like to be kept in the dark about what happens. Thing is, I really don’t care who wins at this point. All I want is for the tournament to reach the final nine as quickly as possible. For the tournament to end quickly four more people have to have their hopes of incredible wealth and immortality (well, poker immortality) utterly crushed. I don’t wish ill on anyone in the field and I hope only the best for them blah blah blah, but I so want four of them–any four will do–to come face to face with crushing disappointment. As fast as possible. Does this make me a bad person? No. I mean, I AM a bad person, prone to sloth and vice and envy, but four people have to bust ANYWAY. Why don’t we just cut to the chase, put the deck in the freezer, and give everyone an early night?

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  1. Will Says:

    Great work this year. I really enjoyed following you and all your pokernews colleges thoughout the WSOP. Now get home and get some rest, you certainly deserve it.

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