Saturday, July 12th, 2008, 3:43 am

I’m tired, man.

It’s the days off that are killing me. Yesterday my section broke first so I was free to go around 3:30. Of course I wasn’t going anywhere, not with Iggy still playing in the Main Event and the money bubble approaching. I thought about eating, but Jen and I went up to the hooker bar for an afternoon cocktail and to kibbitz. She had a dinner date with a hunky German Supernova and we played video poker and sipped our drinks. I did a lot of sipping–I think I had like four beers. Thirsty I was. I was up around ten bucks, Jen had to use the facilities…and by the time she got back I’d lost my little all. I think I lost like 20 hands in a row. Nothing. Not even a pair. I think I may be done with video poker, really. Taken a bath this year. I went through my account and when I saw how much I’ve spent out here I nearly fainted. I lost HOW MUCH? Then I realized that I’ve actually spent money on things in Vegas not gambling-related. Like…food. Gas. The rental car. Cab rides home. So that calmed me down. Not gonna chase my losses. Bad money after good.

Anyway, Jen returned to work and I went to Buzio’s to have oysters for lunch. Nothing like a dozen oysters when you’re half in the bag, depressed and hungry. They brightened my mood and when I returned to the Amazon Room Iggy was skillfully guiding his stack through troubled waters as me and Otis and Pauly and F-Train watched like nervous fathers at their kid’s first Little League game. Here we were, a bunch of goofballs who started writing about poker four years ago for the hell of it, and now a bunch of us are covering the WSOP while watching the Blogfather cash in the Main Event. And so we complete the circle of pokerblogging life.

Iggy’s table was right along the far wall and so we stood next to one of the PokerNews desks and railed from there. Before the bubble burst every time Iggy put out chips we all leaned forward to see what the hell he was doing. In one hand he got called both before and after the flop and when he bet out again on the turn I focused my psychic energy on the other guy and shrieked "FOLD!! FOLD!!!" When he did I remembered to exhale and slumped against the huge inflatable Milwaukee’s Best Light Can next to us.

And then the bubble burst, and there was much rejoicing. And after the break Iggy hung on and made an extra $7K surviving to the end of the day. I actually missed his bustout today even though I was one of the bloggers on duty in his section. We were busy as hell today, and I was tired as hell. Last night we all went to the Hooker Bar and had a few beers and that was a good time. Just drink, bullshit, have some fun. Around 4AM we had to decide if we should call it a night or have one more beer (which probably would’ve turned into 5 more beers) and both Otis and Iggy said, "It’s time to go". And thank God for that. I got home around 4:45, and once again I fell asleep just as the dawn tried to slip through my bedroom blinds. When I woke up five hours later (it felt more like five minutes) I was bone-tired. Not hungover, I was good on that front, but I was beat. Wiped out.

And today was busy as hell, tons of bustouts, tons of stuff to put up on the blog. Because we lost so many players so fast they stopped play near the end of Level 4, so we all got to leave about 2 1/2 hours early. Instead of getting home around 2AM, I’m home now. No partying tonight. No drinking. No video poker. I’m going to bed.

If I can sleep through the lightning storm outside. Yes, it’s actually raining in Las Vegas. Hard, too. Lots of lightning, no thunder. I can sleep through that. After the last couple of days, and knowing what the next couple of days hold, I can probably sleep through anything.

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  1. Tom McMenamin Says:

    Good job on all of the updates ! Been keeping track on and via Scott Matusows site. Thanks again

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