Sunday, July 6th, 2008, 9:36 pm

Guess who didn’t check the schedule to see that he was off today? Whoops! It actually turned out well, as I would’ve driven Matt to work anyway and then hung around to photograph Phil Hellmuth’s latest bit of performance art. He showed up to the Main Event dressed as General Patton (with 11 stars on his helmet, one for each bracelet, natch) and made his grand entrance. No tank, he just drove up in a jeep, followed by eleven lovely ladies dressed up as WACs. Can anyone spot the one who didn’t get the email about dress code?

So I may hang here and work tonight (to make up some of my Pai Gow losses) and then tomorrow we have a day off and the PokerNews freeroll. Might even play some hoops after the fit guys play some Euroweenies in soccer. Exercise–that’s a scary concept. I will be doing some SERIOUS stretching before that. Then hit up the PokerStars party (where I will be a good boy).

But that’s tomorrow. For tonight, dunno. Maybe have a beer or two if anyone’s up at the Hooker Bar. Maybe work a bit tonight. Maybe not. Yeah, I will, no heavy drinking tonight. Tomorrow’s the day for heavy drinking!

I booked my flight home today. I’ll be taking the redeye on Thursday the 17th and landing at Greater Pitt around 7:30AM. That gives me a couple of days to futz around Vegas after the Main Event ends. And then I’ll be home. Home. Still a long ways away.

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  1. Gydyon Says:

    Shouldn’t a UB procession include ski masks and pistols?

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