There She Goes Again

Monday, June 23rd, 2008, 12:11 am

A day off, and what to do? I didn’t much feel like playing poker (especially after I lost $80 playing O/8 online this morning) so I decided to gallivant a bit. I drove down to the outlet mall to see if I could find another dark dress shirt. After walking around for an hour and buying nothing I decided to drive down Blue Diamond to see how it’s changed in the year since Craig and Dan and I lived there. That corridor was a huge construction zone last year and I figured by now we might have some results.

Did we ever. There were two big strip malls. A McDonald’s just down the road. And hundreds–no, thousands–of new condos. They were going up everywhere. Where are all these people coming from? What do they do for a living here? Is there THAT much money being dumped here in Vegas? I guess so.

The construction was so pervasive that I lost track of where I was and drove right past the Montana Meat Co., the joint where Craig and I enjoyed many a nacho. I pulled in to make sure it was still open (it was, and from the parking lot doing good business) but I’d already eaten so I didn’t go in. No need for that.

But when I drove to Silverton, I went in there.

I was on a quest, you see. Last year Craig and I went to Silverton to play poker and while there we saw the most beautiful woman in the frickin’ world. She was a cocktail waitress we saw in the poker room and, my stars. I haven’t the words to describe her superbeauty. I couldn’t come back to Vegas and not see if she was still working there and, if she was, bask in her golden presence.

Either my memory is bad or Silverton has undergone a complete renovation inside. It looked nothing like I remembered. The poker room isn’t a room anymore, it’s just a little area near where the have Keno. They had one table going and but I didn’t try to find out what the stakes were. I figured I’d take a little walk, play some video poker while sipping a beer, then head home.

I came around a bank of slot machines and, purely by accident, fell into step right behind her. Even though I trailed her I recognized her ethereal spectatcularness right away. That plume of white-gold hair, that jaw-dropping figure, that barely-perceptible yet easily-discernible aura of gorgeousness. She also had her hair pulled back with the same wide, beaded coil as last year, an adornement that looks Greek to my untrained eye. More proof that she is, indeed, Aphrodite.

I followed her to the bar and took a seat at a video poker machine because my knees were weak. Yup, it was her, placing an order for drinks. I ordered one of my own from the bartender and texted Craig that "OMG!! I’m at Silverton and she’s here!!!!" I drank my Pilnser Urquell, won $10 playing video poker, and sighed heavily every time she came by to pick up an order. At one point she smiled at me–just remembering that moment makes my heart stop.

I’m bashful about taking pictures of people as it is, I wasn’t going to risk Zeus’ wrath by snapping a quick pic. Plus it was dark in there. So, sorry, if you want to see her yourself you’ll have to go to Silverton. She’s the blonde Russian girl who makes you want to genuflect when you see her. I thought about chatting with her, but about what? "Hi, you don’t know me, and if you did you’d be calling for security right now, but…" I may be a bit of a pathetic stalker and all, but I don’t believe in being a pest about it.

Sigh. I made my pilgrimage. The rest of my time in Vegas is anticlimax. Play some poker? Drink some beer. Yeah, I guess. Whatever.

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  1. cc Says:

    Made confession to my wife. Fortunately, no fantasies with our Silverton dreamgirl (I’ll leave that to you). However, you must return and have a conversation with her. Absolutely must. And I think you have to ask to have your picture with her, as well as one alone. In fact, she is so beautiful, that I don’t know that I can picture her any other way than standing in a meadow on some Spring morning near the Baltic Sea.

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    […] of the absurd table games he so enjoys and I said fine, I’d play some video poker and see if The Most Beautiful Woman in the History of the World was working. Maybe even get a picture of her as F-Train so commanded. Perhaps even dare to say […]

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