Or We Could Just Play Poker

Monday, June 23rd, 2008, 4:05 pm

Drove back up to South Point last night for a little R&R. Figured I’d have a beer, play some poker, go home. I actually played a little video poker while waiting for my seat (lost about $40) and ran away from the machines crossing myself and shrieking. I was dealt trips like 10 times. Any never hit quads. My touch has left me.

I got my $3-6 seat and a jolly bunch it was. Guys drinking, telling jokes, messing with the dealers. It was fun. I enjoyed myself. Then this guy sat down and started playing his hands blind. He’d bet and raise all the way without looking at his cards and it opened the game up quite a bit. Doing that in a $3-6 games doesn’t exactly qualify you for balla status but it was all in good fun. I lost a pot myself playing blind (probably would’ve lost more had I known my cards) and after being down a few bucks I won a bit and was about even for the night.

Some folks didn’t want to play in a game with a guy playing blind and betting like crazy. Me, I saw that he went through $200 in about an hour and figured I might as well help myself if he was handing out donation. I won a nice pot when I flopped a set of sixes, then won a monster pot when I had A-K, the flop came King-high, and four other players called all the way to the river. My hand held up, and the guy playing blind started to get pissed. He said he thought I hadn’t looked at my cards, and I said no, I’d looked at them because the two players in front of me had. Plus I’d come out betting when it was checked around to me. Then he lost a hand where he played blind to the river, peeked at his cards, and raised. Turned out he had pocket Aces and another guy made two pair on the river.

If you play blind chances are you’re going to lose money. Quickly. If losing that money’s going to bother you then don’t play blind. Either play poker or dust off your money and have a good time. But he started to get ticked. He asked for another rack of chips then refused to touch them because the dealer who brought them over had just sneezed. "I used a tissue," the dealer said, but the guy wouldn’t touch them. I’m in favor of good hygiene and all but if you’re worried about germs then sitting cheek-to-jowl with 10 people at a poker table probably isn’t a good idea. Heck, the guy sitting to my right was cutting loose with such ferocity that I wanted to know what he ate so I could permanently cross it off my menu. Silent, but deadly.

The floor brought him another rack of chips and I could tell that the vibe at the table had changed. Bad energy, negative waves, whatever you want to call it, our happy table was happy no more. And that’s when I went to the podium and picked up three racks for my chips. It was 2:30am, I was tired, I’d booked a nice little win…time to go home. I cashed out $160 to the good, making a nice dent in the losses I’ve had the last few days and probably reducing my overall gambling losses while I’ve been in Vegas to around a hundred bucks. I can fade that.

Another day off today. Maybe play some more, maybe not. I feel like going for a nice, long walk–not a good idea in Las Vegas. Not in July, not in the afternoon. Don’t much feel like going to the Strip to wander, either. I miss being able to drive a few minutes and walk around North Park or Hartwood Acres. I miss trees. I miss grass. Yesterday I was out on our balcony and started thinking about home, and I realized that when I get home I’ll miss Vegas. Well, parts of it. The casinos. The tranquility of the video poker machine. And I think I’ll miss the citrus All In energy drinks–I’m getting addicted. But I won’t miss being in the Amazon Room at 4am waiting for someone to have his or her final table dreams shattered.

Ah, home. I’ll be glad to get there when it’s time. For now, time to wander.

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  1. Drizztdj Says:

    Its a sad thing when people don’t understand the power of playing blind isn’t the chips you’ll probably lose but the way you wake up a table and the fun afterwards.

    Fun = looser callers

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