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Thursday, June 19th, 2008, 11:12 pm

I’m covering a $1,500 No-Limit event today. We started with 2,447 players, and at the end of Level Four we’re down to 940. That’s two-thirds of the field gone in four hours. Yeah, I’m really regretting my decision not to play in one of these donkfests. An exhibition of pure poker skill.

Speaking of which, I played poker last night. And I won! Seven whole dollars! I drank about a half-dozen Stellas, as our waitress saw that I’m the thirsty type and brought me refills without me even asking. The reinforcements were spaced out perfectly, so I maintained a nice buzz without getting looped. I even managed to break even playing a little video poker (got quads, natch). I’m fully aware that its almost impossible to make lost of money playing 3-6 limit, but I enjoyed myself. And that’s all that matter, right? Except on those nights when I enjoy myself and it costs me 200 bucks. Then it’s all about the (deleted) money.

There was a guy at my 3-6 table last night wearing a ring with a royal flush embossed on it, a ring with the Ace of Spades, and a bracelet with beads that had Aces of all four suits and words like "ALL IN" in beads. So, like, you KNOW he’s good.

My laptop is two years old and it’s been through quite a bit in that time. The finish on the hand rest has worn off and it’s a bit abrasive, and I guess typing like a maniac for eight hours took it’s toll. I got out of the shower today and saw that all the skin on the heel of both palms is sloughing away. Hope you weren’t eating dinner when you read that.

If there’s one thing I’m disappointed about my WSOP blog posts is the poor quality of photographs. I haven’t taken that many (too busy) and those I have taken I haven’t fixed up and posted (too lazy). Thing is, what exactly am I gonna take pictures of when I’m here? What am I gonna do with five shots of Phil Laak? I’ve been taking pictures of the World Series you don’t see on TV (the empty room before the players come in, all the trash on the floor, our floor reporters doing their thing) but they aren’t that interesting or "artistic". Or maybe this just isn’t the most compelling event to photograph, especially when Isabelle Mercier isn’t here.

Ah, dinner break. The food this year is better, but some weird decisions. They had a coffee stand selling $7 Vietnamese coffees (ah, not worth it) when there’s a Starbucks up in the casino. It was gone in a week. There’s a place selling sushi and noodles, but its halfway down the corridor and tucked in a back room with a little sign announcing it’s presence. And it’s all-you-can-eat–$15 for noodles and soup, $30 for sushi. Kind of an odd arrangement for poker players who usually want something quick. The wraps are OK, but there’s only one kind, some manner of chicken salad. I haven’t had anything hot at the poker kitchen yet, as that usually requires a wait I’m not willing to deal with. The taco salads are good and that’s what I was hungry for today…but they didn’t have any today. Had a Capriatti’s hoagie (they’re a local sandwich chain) called a "Bobbie", which is turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Good, but I’m not a cranberry person and the sauce turned me off a bit.

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