The Ordeal

Monday, June 16th, 2008, 4:36 pm

Today is gonna suck.

We have to play down to a final table in the $10K Limit Hold-Em event. There are 98 players left, and we have to lose 89 of them before we get to go home. There’s a good chance we’ll be working till dawn today. For the players, the change in blind structure has allowed for more play, and more time for the pros to display their skill and dispel some luck. For the poor souls charged with reporting these events, it means some punishing days at the office. This is gonna be one of mine. Fourteen or fifteen hours watching people play limit poker. I cannot wait.

I may live-blog some of today’s event, both to give my brain something chewy to work on as well as doing myself a bit of service. On some day when I’m working from home, and feeling a bit guilty because I’m comfy in my sweats and I’ve got a pot roast bubbling in the Crock Pot and filling the flat with homey smells, I’m gonna read this post and remember that I’ve had some rough days as well.

Maybe I’m being pessimistic. Maybe today will be OK. We shall see.

2:56pm: I’m working in the Brasilia Room for the first time. It’s nice. More light. It’s also hot in here. And we don’t have a table to ourselves to set up. One adapts.

3:30pm: Of course the big news is that Iggy won a seat to the Main Event yesterday. What we’re gonna do is when he sits down to play is we’re all gonna go over there with our cameras and crowd around and take about a million pictures. He’ll appreciate that.

We’ve already lost ten players. I know from experience that means nothing–we still have a long way to go to reach the money bubble (top 27 pay) and then it’s gonn be a hellish slog losing these relatively-deep stacked players at the end.

6:02: The live-blogging is going great, huh? I just found out that Matt is flying home on July 12th, and we have the condo until the 20th. Meaning that once the final table is set I could conceivably have 5 whole days to myself in Vegas with a car and bachelor pad. True, I’ll be wanting to go home…but I also wouldn’t mind a day (or two, or five) to indulge in my most base and forbidden vices in Sin City. It’s a conundrum. Anybody up for a visit?

7:19pm: OK, I’m deep-sixing the live-blogging nonsense. Because, obviously, I suck. We’re down to 43 players or so, which is good in theory, but it’s the last 20 eliminations or so that’ll probably take us into the hours that are wee. I had a chicken salad wrap for lunch (acceptable) and when dinner rolls around in 2 1/2 hours I’ll stoke the furnance again with a salad and see if I can maintain alertness as we march toward the dawn. So far things are going OK, so far as Limit events go–not a lot of interesting hands to report, but we’re keeping the chip counts updated and the tens of millions following our coverage happy. Did I say tens of millions? I meant, tens. Johnny Chan is going for his 11th bracelet right now so I’d imagine most poker fans are following that.

But I’m a pro, I’ll provide maximum coverage because a job worth doing is a job worth doing blah blah blah.

1:13am: We’re down to 18 players. Only a couple are seriously shortstacked. One of our field reporters said the thought the over/under on when we’d be done was 3:30 and everyone–players, reporters, floor staff–jumped in to say they’d take the over. The only think I’m not sure of yet is whether I’ll have to wear my sunglasses when I drive home.


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  1. SMK Says:

    Looks like you picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue!

    Honestly, I enjoy the blog and the WSOP reporting, so best of luck to you.

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