So Very Talented

Saturday, June 7th, 2008, 1:57 pm

A day off yesterday, which meant I was in the mood to do a whole lotta nothing. Slept in. Went to eat. Did some writing. Around 8 or so Matt and I went up to South Point to wander a bit, play a bit. I wanted a beer so I found myself a nice seat at the bar, put some cash in a video poker machine, and indulged myself.

Of course you know what happened:

Quads. Because that’s what I do, that’s how I roll.

But of course anyone get can quads ONCE. It takes a certain special something to do this:

Back-to-back quads, again. And this time I actually managed to hang on to most of my winnings, cashing out $60 to the good. Then I found Matt playing some absurd Star Wars slot game for a penny a pull and as it looked like he might be there for awhile I played some video poker at a machine a few feet away…and lost $40 in about ten seconds. Switched machines, won $10, cashed out, and then I placed bets on today’s Euro 2008 games. The Czech Republic already won me $20, and if those underachieving Portugese can pull out a win today I’ll be $20 more to the good. So far the gambling part of the trip is working out just fine. If only I didn’t have to work all these 16-hour days, I might come home with some serious bread. Alas.

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3 Responses to “So Very Talented”

  1. change100 Says:

    Seriously, man WTF? I’ve NEVER made quads on a video poker machine and how many times is this for you now since getting here? Christ on a cracker…

  2. The Brother Says:

    Why do you get more for quads for 2-3-4s then 5-Ks? I could understand if you got more for 2-10’s then quad J-Ks. Just seems strange that you got 75 more credits for 4’s over 5’s.

    Also why do they call it a driveway when you park there?

  3. The Brother Says:

    WTF, looking at it again you played a 50 cent machine for the 5’s and a 25 cent machine for the 4’s. Looking at the bar top it seem to be the same place.

    I am calling Photoshop. ( I have also had a few drinks )

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