Back Into the Mines

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008, 2:00 pm

Today’s gonna be a tough day, no getting around it. Day 2 of the $1K rebuy event starts at 2pm, and with 106 players left and lots of chips in play I’m thinking we’re gonna be playing into the wee hours. Yesterday was a 14-hour day, today will probably be longer, and God knows what’ll happen at the final table tomorrow. That’s one thing I’m noticing about this year’s World Series–it’s taking a LONG time to play these events. That probably means that the structures have been successfully tweaked to allow more play. That’s good news for the more skilled players. That’s bad news for tournament reporters. The guys who did the $1,500 No-Limit event worked two 17-hour days back to back. That takes a toll. I can’t even imagine trying to play for a bracelet being that tired and brain-fried.

But the long hours ain’t the reason today’s gonna be tough. Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals are tonight and I won’t be able to watch any of it. They didn’t have the game on anywhere in the Amazon Room and I doubt it’ll be on tonight. Gotta find some way of breaking the bad karma of not watching the game in our condo. I’ll think of something. Not watching the game will be torture, but then, watching the game is torture. The joys of being a fanatic.

We got our rental car yesterday, a sporty, silver Mazda 6 (I think that’s what it’s called). A pretty sweet ride, I’ve never driven a car with that kinda horsepower and when I had to pass a truck merging onto I-15 I just applied a little pressure and ZOOM. I’ve been thinking about getting a new car when I get home and while the Mazda 6 might not be on my radar screen something a little more sporty might be in order. 99% of the time I drive by myself, I don’t haul cargo, I’m pushing 40…I’m the target demographic for some kind of sleek sled. Something to think about.

A car means freedom. A car means not having to walk to South Point if we want to grab something to eat or gamble a bit. A car means we can go grocery shopping, which we may do today so we’re not drinking tap water and eating leftover peanuts for breakfast, as we’re doing right now. The food at the Series is better this year, there are more options, but when you’re spending $2.50 a pop for pop (hey, made a Pittsburgh funny there) and eight bucks for a sandwich it makes a dent. Heck, I’ll get some lunchmeat and Ziplock bags and bring my lunch/dinner. There isn’t much time to properly enjoy a meal anyway, so food is just fuel. Shovel it in, get back to work.

Pauly wrote something yesterday about drinking at a "secret bar" in the Rio. During the dinner break I went hunting for it, wondering if I could suss out on my own what den of iniquity the good Doctor had stumbled into. I went upstairs and past the Voodoo Lounge and had a seat at the new Rub BBQ place the Rio opened this year. There’s a pretty big bar and I sat and had a Sierra Nevada while watching SportsCenter on the plasmas. The beer was $2 cheaper than McFaddens, it was quiet, hardly anyone there…perfect. I didn’t order dinner because who wants to work 5 more hours with a belly full of barbeque, but the beer was good, my soul was refreshed, and I left happy in the knowledge that if I want a beer I can get a good one at a non-usurous price in relative peace. Pauly said later that, no, that wasn’t the secret bar. No matter–even a joint on the beaten path can be an oasis.


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