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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008, 1:12 am

What a game. One of the greatest games in Penguin history. The atmosphere in the Arena will be unbelievable. And I have to work Wednesday, it’ll be a Day 2 and I’ll be there until the wee hours. Bad karma, gotta find a way to reverse it.

Watching ESPN highlights. Idiots. They’ve misprounouced half the names. Overtime in playoff hockey is only the greatest thing in sports, and these jackasses don’t even know the players. What a joke.

But no negative waves. What a game. Ryan Malone gets a slapper in the snout and misses one shift. Sergei Gonchar can’t stand up but he comes on the ice for the final power play. Petr Sykora CALLS HIS SHOT and scores the game-winner. And what can you say about Marc-Andre Fleury? Don Cherry said it was the greatest playoff goaltending performance he’s ever seen.

And as the Detroit fans chanted "We Want the Cup!" it was Max Talbot who scored the latest Cup-denying goal in NHL history. You want the Cup, Detroit? You’ll have to wait. If you ever get it at all. All thanks to the best poker-playing hockey player there is:

My brother said when Sykora scored he jumped so high he thought his head hit the roof. He hurt his leg when he landed. He started screaming and yelling and Carolyn ran downstairs–not to scold him for waking the baby, but to find out who got the goal. Playoff hockey in Pittsburgh. Wish I was there. My spirit and my soul will have to suffice.

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