Monday, June 2nd, 2008, 3:12 pm

Not once, bitches, but…

They call me Quadzilla, and I shall rock thy world!!

Made quads twice and still ended up losing ten bucks, but the three free beers I had made it all worthwhile. I helped cover the entertaining $10K Pot-Limit Hold-Em event yesterday, "helped" being the operative word as I was there to provide "color" while Change100 did the play-by-play and Don kept count of the chips. I was tired but really didn’t feel it until Nenad Medic walked off with his bracelet and I packed up my gear. It was around midnight, I had the next day off, so I decided to grab a beer, decompress, and play a little VP.

Maybe I was more tired than I knew because for 25 hands or so I played a game where you needed to make Aces or better, not the usual Jacks, so my play before discovering that was hardly optimal. I finally figured it out, switched games, and played with my brain turned to "low". Made quads, made a boat, made quads again, and normally that’s when I quit. But I had a nearly full beer so I played slow, watched SportsCenter, and ended with a small loss. When you figure that pints cost $7 up at McFadden’s my trio of "free" Heinekens were well worth the $10 hit. Tasted good.

I’ll post more final table photos today (probably today). Gonna go get something to eat, maybe get some sun, and project all my psychic energy Detroitwards as the Pens prepare to play the Red Wings.

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  1. AgSweep Says:

    For the love of God, I am an old woman, I’m gonna have a stroke, could the pens just let us win, please? Two overtimes? I don’t care how this ends, GG….

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