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Monday, June 2nd, 2008, 7:22 pm

Is the poker boom coming to an end? Has it come to an end? Did it end in 2006? If the UIGEA is repealed in 2008, will poker boom again? How about if folks across Asia and Latin American start playing en masse?

Before we can look to the future we should look to the present. Most people expected the $10K Pot-Limit Hold-Em tournament to have, oh, 250 players. It drew 352. The first $1,500 NL event was the biggest non-Main Event tournament in history. By all accounts (including the opinion of this correspondant) this year’s World Series is running very smoothly, with improvements in almost every area and no major fiascos or snafus.

Still, these are uncertain times. What with the economy, gas prices, the upcoming election, and the UIGEA, making predictions about poker’s future is a dicey thing. Fred and Ginger each wrote posts about poker’s prognosis, and while I’d like to say with certainty what’s going to happen over the next few years, I have no freaking clue.

But if you’re looking for reason to hope, there is this–I read a post over at Wicked Chops saying that Maxim/Playboy model Christina Lindley, who is ever so blonde, will be playing in the Ladies Event this year. Good for her, and there’s a link to an interview Lindley did with Gambling911. The interview is headlined "Poker Pro Christina Lindley Interview With Jenny Woo" which isn’t especially punchy copy, but it does indentify Lindley as a poker pro. She said she wrote a pilot episode for a show about poker (can’t be worse than Tilt) and has been taking lessons from Jeff Madsen and "Hollywood" Dave Stann. She answered a few questions about her involvement in the game, to wit:

I recently had an opportunity to sit down with New Jersey Senatorial candidate Maury Sabrin who is dead set against online poker prohibition. Are you active on the political front when it comes to legalized online poker? Who are you voting for this November?

I’m not active with that yet. I think I’m too new to make a comment on whether online poker should be legalized either way. I intend to find out more about it and make a decision either way once I have the knowledge. I’d rater not say, but I do think it’s very important to vote and think it’s important to be educated on all the issues. I will say that I’m a Democrat.

She’s a "poker pro", but she’s too new to comment on whether her new profession should be legal or not. Uh….huh.

What’s your favorite poker hand?

Pocket of Aces

Uh…pocket "of "Aces?

What was your worst beat?

That’s part of the game. You get dealt a pocket of Kings and someone has triple. I prefer not to remember them or give it credit by talking about a bad beat. The majority of poker players that I admire will be the first ones to say that "I never talk about a bad beat".

"A pocket of Kings and someone has triple"? Perhaps Messrs. Madsen and Stamm could steer the lessons away from metagame strategy and toward proper use of lingo. I don’t mean to take potshots as Ms. Lindley, especially as she appears to be what we call an uber-hottie. But that leads me to the incredibly sexist point I wanted to make in the first place–so long as jaw-droppingly gorgeous women think that poker is a cool enough place to grace with their golden presence, the game hasn’t quite headed over the cliff. One could look at sexy babes as analogous to canaries in a coal mine–canary keels over, get out of the mine. Hot girls abandon poker for MMA, or Scrabble, or Obama campaign headquarters, and the game’s in doo-doo.

Actually…now that I think about it…just as it could be argued that Rounders is the starting point of the poker boom, it could be argued that Tilt was the point where the boom came to an end. I’ll have to give it some thought. And I guess I’d have to actually watch every episode of Tilt, which I didn’t do when it originally aired, because it was awful. A post for another day.

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  1. Kevin Mathers Says:

    Kind of sad that Ms. Lindley gets all the free pub and surely a logo, while Kathy Liebert struggles to get a logo for a final table.

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  3. Melly Says:

    Um, that definitely sodnus like the most fun thing of all time. I am SO JEALOUS! I have always wanted to eat at 1789 but should probably… er… save up a little.But man oh man frangipane and an adorable chef all in one place. Yes please!

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