That’s The Gig

Sunday, June 1st, 2008, 4:36 pm

Left for work yesterday at 11AM. Got home at 6AM. You cover poker tournaments and sometimes that happens.

It was well past dawn when I caught a cab home. Vegas is really beautiful in the early morning, the light hits the big casinos and the mountains in a very different way. Ever go to the shore, some little touristy spot that gets busy in the summer then is empty the rest of the year? Ever walk around one of those towns at daybreak when the season’s almost over and the streets are empty? Even Vegas feels like that at six in the morning. No traffic, the casinos mostly empty. Surreal, quiet, and beautiful.

I just wanted to look out the window. But my garroulous cab driver had different ideas. "You just going to bed? Just getting up? Whaddya doin’ there? You’re covering the poker! Hey, are you an expert, see, I was watching this thing on TV and Johnny Chan had…pocket fives…and he had the five of clubs. And the flop comes 2-3-4 of clubs, you’d think that’s a really good start, and this other guy bets and Chan folds!! Why would he do that??"

Had I strangled him and dumped his body out on Blue Diamond for the coyotes, would a jury really convict me? Nah.

Home. Sleep. Alarm. Cab. And now I’m back at the Rio, feeling just a wee bit sluggish. I’ll be fine to do the job but don’t ask me to juggle or dance a polka.

Here’s what the scene looked like late last night:

Pretty loaded final table for ESPN today. Andy Bloch, Mike Sexton, Kathy Liebert, Phil Laak, Nenad Medic, Chris Bell, Mike Sowers, Amit Makhija, and some guy named Patrik Antonius. Someone for everyone to cheer for. Me, I’m cheering for a bunch of cold decks and the bracelet awarded in record time. I’m beat.

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  1. cc Says:

    Sounds like you need some nachos…

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