One Down, 47 To Go

Saturday, May 31st, 2008, 4:00 pm

So yesterday wasn’t all that bad. A 13-hour day, sure, and getting into the swing of things again took some time, but all in all a pretty good day. And I guess we did an OK job as I didn’t see too much hatred of our coverage on the poker forums. There was a post about a hand where the flop was entered wrong and it gave the losing player a full house, but we corrected it within a few minutes.

The bad part of the day was, oddly, dinner. F-Train and I went up to McFadden’s, the pub that replaced the late, lamented Tilted Kilt. Seems an OK place, like the layout…except for the two pianos set in the middle of the room. The fact that these pianos were manned by two guys beating they keys for all they were worth and singing random pop tunes put me on serious lifetilt. We just wanted to grab something to eat, have a beer, decompress. Instead we couldn’t even talk. To take our order the waitress had to lean over the table and strain to hear our shouts. The place was less than a third full–why the hell would you hire dueling piano players to deafen what customers you have? Add to the fact that a pint costs $7 (twice what one cost at the Kilt) and that my $12 burger was only OK and you can quickly figure out that I won’t be a regular there. But I guess there was some method to McFadden’s madness–we ate and drank as quickly as possible and got the hell out of there. And right back onto the casino floor. There’s no law saying that evil can’t be inspired.

I don’t start today until 2pm, it’s Day 2 of the $10K Pot-Limit Event. Quite a few big names left, both live and online, which should make for an interesting afternoon. Then we do the final table tomorrow (which I think will be my first TV table) and then a day off. Tho if there’s one thing I remember from last year, it’s focus on the present. Eye on the ball, hands tight around the wheel. You start thinking about how many days you have left and it’ll mess you up bad.

Took some pics last night, took some pics today, probably take some more today. I’d like to do a little more photography this time around, spread the wings don’t you know, but for the most part I’ll be blogging away. Took one freaky picture before the players filed in for today’s $1,500 donkfest:

Promise, that’s the last nauseating photo like that I post.

Almost showtime.

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