Here We Go

Friday, May 30th, 2008, 2:16 pm

I’m sitting here next to Change100 inside the Amazon Room, waiting for the start of the first event of the 2008 World Series of Poker. "I’m in denial," Change said as we tried to get our heads around the fact that we’re doing this AGAIN. Seven weeks covering the biggest event of poker, seven weeks of hand histories and bad beats and mobs of poker players clogging the hallways of the Rio.

Last night we had the big PokerNews meeting at Lucille’s BBQ at Green Valley Ranch (the brisket was delish) and then all the bloggers went to the Rio to talk about some issues and, especially, questions about style usage in our posts. Listening to arguments about how to spell "Hold’em" took me back to my copyediting class back at Penn State. Elmer Borkland, you would’ve loved every minute of it.

Woke early, keyed up, and tried to savor that strangely-familiar feeling of nausea as my cab whisked me down I-15 and past the City Center construction site (place is freakin’ huge) and the Bellagio. Walking through the Rio, past the people drinking and playing video poker at the Hooker Bar at 10:15 in the morning, produced an intense feeling of deja vu that I haven’t been able to shake. It’s all different. It’s all the same. It’s 2008. It’s a loop of infinite time and I’m a fool to think otherwise.

The dealers are taking their seats, in about a half-hour the players will start to file in. Today’s event is the $10,000 World Championship of Pot-Limit Hold’em. Small field, famous faces, shouldn’t be too bad. We’ve done this before. And now we’ll do it again.

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